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Todd Chrisley Says He Won’t Address Things About Chloe Anymore

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In recent seasons of Chrisley Knows Best, fans are getting to see more and more of Chloe Chrisley, 8. While Todd and Julie Chrisley are Chloe’s grandparents, they also are her legal guardians. Consequently, this poses a lot of questions for viewers. In a recent episode of Chrisley Confessions, the Chrisley family podcast, Todd addresses some concerns fans have about Chloe. 

Chrisley Knows Best Todd Chrisley gets candid about Chloe’s adoption

The first topic of concern that comes up is the fact that people don’t see Chloe interact with her biological mother. Without hesitation, Todd says, “We adopted Chloe.”  He goes on to explain some of the relationship dynamics between Chloe and her biological mother. To paint a clear picture of what is going on, Todd explains how Chloe goes to a child psychologist. “It is better for Chloe to know that this is her family. Chloe knows who her mother is, knows who he biological mother is,” explains Todd. “Chloe also knows the mother that’s raising her. The mother that gets up with her when she sick. The mother that gets her ready for school. Chloe knows that.”

Consequently, Todd Chrisley is repeatedly quoted discussing Kyle’s mental health. “Kyle is bipolar and normally people that are bipolar, they seek out a way to self-medicate, which is what Kyle has done since he’s been young.” Reasonably leading people to believe that he has custody of Chloe because, for whatever reason, Kyle is an unfit father. Kyle had to “face [his] own demons,” shares Todd in the podcast. He explains that he and Julie “stepped in to do what we needed to do as grandparents.” 

He won’t talk about certain things about Chloe after this

Things heat up because at this point Todd proclaims that this is the last time he’s going to address topics involving Chloe. “Stop saying to me, ‘What do you know as a white family about raising a child of color.’ Clearly, we know how to raise children. How you raise a child should not be based on the color of their skin. How you raise a child should be based on this is a child that God has given you, that you need to nurture, bring up in the Word, make sure that they’re clothed, they’re fed, they’re educated,” explains Todd Chrisley.  “I don’t need to justify what we do in our home,” declares the father of six. “What we give all of our children is love and commitment.” 

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