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‘My 600-Lb. Life’ 2021 Update: Are Maja Radanovic & Christian Together?

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My 600-Lb. Life: Where Are They Now airs a new episode featuring an update on Maja Radanovic, and fans wonder if her boyfriend Christian is still in the picture. The episode kicks off with a fresh reminder that her boyfriend Christian wasn’t the best choice in a support person. As those who remember her story from Season 7 of My 600-Lb. Life, she and her boyfriend Christian got into a fight in Dr. Now’s office. This happened after he more or less refused to answer questions regarding how much he supported her during her weight loss journey.

So, are Maja Radanovic and Christian still together? Here’s what we know.

Maja Radanovic has had major weight loss success

Fans of My 600-Lb. Life were a little concerned after Christian left Maja alone. We already learned she had abandonment issues that drove her to comforting herself with food. Would she slip back into her old ways with her boyfriend Christian gone? During tonight’s episode, she admits how difficult it is for her to be alone in Houston. Likewise, Dr. Now notes she really should be losing about twice the amount of weight that she’s actually losing. After she has the surgery, her pounds continue to drop slowly. And, he tells the cameras her progress is concerning.

Things get even worse when we see Maja Radanovic leave Houston to go back home. She makes it known she more or less left against his wishes. Why? Well, because she was sick of being alone. She knows she has a great support system back home. Despite what Dr. Now thinks… She’s ready to be close to her family and friends again.

Maja Radanovic doesn’t have a huge Instagram following. And, she isn’t super active. But, she has posted before and after pictures of herself on Instagram to hype up tonight’s episode. My 600-Lb. Life fans cannot deny how incredible she looks. But, that still leaves a simple question. Is she still with her boyfriend Christian?

What happened to Christian?

We know Christian got his mother to buy him a ticket. He told Maja via text message he was leaving. This happened shortly after she blamed him for her struggles with losing weight in the doctor’s office. Most fans agree this was a blessing in disguise as he acted as though her weight loss journey was a real inconvenience to him. But, it is also possible he just didn’t want to be on television anymore. He was clearly frustrated by the questions.


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Well, we can confirm it does not appear as if Maja Radanovic is still in a relationship with Christian. In fact, she’s posted photos on Instagram and Facebook of her new boyfriend. While it doesn’t appear as if she’s identified him… The duo wore an outfit with lettering about being a couple that sport matching outfits. So, it’s safe to assume she has a new man in her life.

Considering how unsupportive Christian was on the show… My 600-Lb. Life fans aren’t too bothered she has a new significant other. Or, at least, she did back in December of last year when she was posting photos including him. He hasn’t been in any photos since. So, it is possible they are no longer together. We, however, are fairly certain she’s no longer with Christian.

You can check out the latest update on Maja’s story when the new episode of My 600-Lb. Life: Where Are They Now airs tonight. Or, you can stream it now via discovery+.

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  1. So… Let me get this right.. You’re going to ignore all the emotional battering she did to him over the course of the episode and have the gall to call him wrong? As if she didn’t tell him she fucking hated him when she found out she hadn’t lost the appropriate amount of weight? He helped her get dressed, helped her do all types of things, but he’s wrong? Legitimately get the fuck out of here, you’re delusional as all fuck.

    1. Thank you!
      She literally said it was all his fault and cried to her mom over the phone while she was the one who didn’t stick to her diet

  2. “How unsupportive he was” “it was an inconvenience to him”
    That’s hilarious. She was not only incapable of ever admitting fault but also highly emotionally abusive towards Christian while all he did was try to help her throughout the time there were together and after so much abuse and blaming it’s no wonder he eventually he got to the point where he was completely fed up and left her and the shower altogether. I think you should rewatch the season or watch some clips so you can see that Maya was truly dreadful towards Christian, I don’t see many people that share the same opinion as you but I can definitely say you’re wrong for calling him unsupportive.

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