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‘Sister Wives’ Star Janelle Claps Back About Kody & Kids’ Social Distancing

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Sister Wives Season 15, Episode 6, aired and fans saw Janelle and Kody clash over social distancing and the kids. The show looks at their lives during the coronavirus quarantine. As the Brown family doesn’t live in one house, Janelle didn’t like that he wanted to come and visit and stay over. After all, he could easily transmit the virus to her family and vice-versa. So, she told him to stay away, to his shock. It didn’t help that Gabrielle didn’t was to social distance just so his dad could pop over occasionally and stay with his mom. Kody complained so she clapped back.

Sister Wives quarantine caused division between Janelle and Kody

In a teaser for the show, Kody went on about how they never thought the virus would really be so dangerous. So, he seemed a bit unprepared for reality. We reported that during the last episode, Janelle and Kody clashed when it came to him visiting her. The TLC mom said that one son needs to stay healthy to keep on working. Meanwhile, Gabrielle seemed reluctant to play his part. He enjoys getting out. But, he didn’t want to give that up just so his dad could continue coming over now and then.

Actually, Gabrielle gets on with his dad. But for a young man, he was only prepared to go so far for the often absent Sister Wives‘ dad. When Janelle told Kody she should stay away for a bit, he called a virtual family meeting.” It emerged that he seemed completely clueless about how moving and from home to home could worry Janelle. And he hated it that she wanted him to keep his distance. He seemed particularly irritated with Gabrielle who wouldn’t make the sacrifice for his dad.

Kody complains Janelle never stopped the kids from socializing

Monsters and Critics noted that during her Live tweets, Janelle called out Kody after he tweeted about her kids. The Sister Wives patriarch said, “Gabriel and Garrison both could have stopped their social lives for me to return home. They say “unfair”, but never changed their behavior and @JanelleBrown117 didn’t insist on it.” The wives don’t seem to mind clapping back at Kody these days. So, Janelle talked back to him. Mind you, some fans actually agree with Kody once.

The Sister Wives mom pointed out that these days her kids are adults. And, she can’t actually “ground them.” She claimed that between the kids and Kody, she felt trapped in “a hard place.” And, she noted there’s no way she’d “turn them out of the house in the middle of the pandemic.”

Sister Wives Star Janelle Claps Back About Kody & Kids Social Distancing
Credit: Janelle Brown | Twitter

Many fans who dislike Kody agreed with Janelle that if he chose his lifestyle, then he shouldn’t complain. After all, a mostly absent dad causes issues enough. But others sided with Kody.

Some fans agree with Kody about Gabrielle being selfish

Sister Wives fans know that on Twitter, it’s not very often that anyone sides with Kody. However this time, many fans agreed that Gabrielle should social distance for his dad. Here’s what some of them said:

Janelle’s one son Gabe is terribly annoying and selfish. So just because he’s not at risk, he should be out and about?! Dude…. wonder their stance on it all now. #SisterWives.

Janelle’s sons are infuriating! Could you act anymore entitled and ignorant – oh wait Kody’s your father. Yes, you can. #SisterWives.

Gabriel is selfish. End of story and janelle allowing it is ridiculous #SisterWives.

What are your thoughts about the Sister Wives couple who clashed over the kids and their social distancing? Do you think Janelle was right? Or should she have let her young adult son know it’s her home and he must obey his father’s requirements? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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