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Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny’s Got A Question As Phyllis Visits Nina

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General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s episode tease a major moment coming that viewers will not want to miss. After months of Sonny living in Pennsylvania as “Mike,” all signs point toward someone finally realizing he’s still alive after all.

Nina And Phyllis Will Catch Up At The Bar

Nina surprised Phyllis at the bar after deciding to leave Port Charles for a while. The sneak peek for the March 22 show reveals that Phyllis and Nina will sit down at a table in the bar to catch up with one another.

As they visit, Nina will explain that things got more complicated than she anticipated. It seems likely she’ll explain how she overheard Jax and Carly talking about Nelle’s death along with detailing all that’s happened with Wiley.

At this point, neither Phyllis nor Nina anticipates anything more than an opportunity for the two to catch up with one another. However, General Hospital spoilers in that preview hint that things may take a major turn.

‘General Hospital’ Teasers Reveal Mike Pops Up

Right at the end of the clip, “Mike” is seen asking someone who they are. The tone in his voice suggests that he has reason to believe that this person is more than a random stranger stopping by the bar. It seems it’s virtually guaranteed that it’s Nina he’s talking to here.

Even though General Hospital fans have had a hunch this moment was coming, it’ll still be exciting to watch. Does “Mike” simply walk into the main room of the bar as Nina sits with Phyllis? If so, it seems certain that Nina will be completely floored to see Sonny, as there is no doubt she will recognize him.

Will she try to cover up her reaction to prevent Sonny and Phyllis from realizing she recognizes him? Given that she has absolutely no idea this is coming, it seems unlikely she’ll be able to hold back.

Fans Are Anxious For Soapy Developments

Assuming that Nina does see Sonny and has a telling reaction, what will she say to Phyllis and “Mike”? Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps seem to suggest that Nina will have some time to consider her options.

Some General Hospital fans suspect, or even hope, that Nina chooses a wild, soapy path when it comes to Sonny.

“I’m going to say it again…Nina is going to find Sonny at Cheers and make him fall for her and then haul his a** back to PC and rub him in Carly’s face,” one fan tweeted.

“I hope Nina tortures the mess out of Carly,” tweeted someone else.

“Here’s hoping Sonny thinks Nina is the blonde woman from his dream and they hook up and Carly finds out,” another post read.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that viewers will get a sense of where this is headed during the coming week. It sounds as if things are about to get pretty wild at the Tan-O.

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