'Sister Wives' Kody Brown Armchair Polygamist

‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Calls Out ‘Armchair Polygamists’

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It’s hard to imagine that Sister Wives Kody Brown has been a practicing fundamentalist polygamist for 28 years. When compared to how many seasons of the hit TLC show there are, fans have only been a part of the equations for about 14 of those years. Read on to find out more about Kody’s 28th polygamy anniversary and his message for “armchair polygamists”.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Celebrates 28 Years of Polygamy

In apparent excitement, Kody Brown takes to Twitter to share about his anniversary as being a polygamist. He tweets, “Interesting though! I’ve been a polygamist for 27 years.” However, he quickly realizes that his math is wrong and tweets an update. “Oops! When this season was shot, it was 27 years. Today it has now been 28 years.”

Seemingly, this confusion points out the fact that Sister Wives does not air in realtime. Furthermore, from the looks of these tweets from Kody Brown, it seems like there may be almost a year between filming and new episodes of Sister Wives hitting TLC (and discovery +).  But that’s not all Kody tweets about yesterday. Read on to find out his response to an “armchair polygamist”.

Kody Brown Calls Out An ‘Armchair Polygamists’

It seems like members of the Sister Wives family are getting a lot of flack lately from people on social media. While Meri Brown is defending her status as the first wife, Kody Brown is calling out people for being an “armchair polygamist.” In response to one of Kody’s tweets, a follower shares their opinion of Kody. The follower writes, “Really Kody!! Man up and be the man and husband God requires of you!!!”

While seemingly vague, the comment seems to strike a chord with Kody. He responds by calling the person out. In what can be interpreted as a snarky tweet, Kody says the following. “Oh hay look,” with a finger pointing down emoji is how the tweet starts. Kody goes on to write, “the armchair polygamists are out to direct me in being a good husband…” It looks like he leaves some space in the tweet for dramatic effect and writes, “……again.”

Finally, to wrap up his thoughts on the matter, Kody shares an adage. Kody writes, “Accountability for me… but no for thee.” Keep reading to find out what others say in the comments of this snarky tweet.

Twitter Followers Respond With More Harsh Words

At the time of this writing, Sister Wives Kody Brown’s tweet has 38 comments. And all but one of them seems to have anything encouraging or supportive to say to the TLC star. One of the initial response comments makes mentions that Kody gets little support and that “Janelle is a saving grace”.

Another comment begins like the writer is seeking education from polygamist Kody Brown, but ends with some backhanded remarks. The commenter writes, “Does God require husbands to act differently in polygamist marriages than in monogamous ones?” Then the commenter brings up the Bible. They go on to write, “The Bible clearly states how a husband should treat their wife…and yes, wives lay a role as well.”

Shockingly, one comment calls for the wives to dump Kody. The comment says, “I wonder how the wives would feel if their daughters were treated that way?” The commenter then urges the wives to “set an example” and “give [Kody] a tent he can live on the property.”

How do you feel about people’s response to Kody Brown and “armchair polygamists” on Twitter? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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