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‘Breaking Amish’ Betsy Yoder May Not Be In Headlines, Has Major News

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Return to Amish fans are pleased to know that this TLC favorite returns on March 22 at 9 PM ET/PT to TLC. This show is the spinoff of another fan-favorite Breaking Amish. With all of the excitement around the upcoming season premiere, fans are wondering about what is going on with some of their favorite cast members. Luckily for them, Breaking Amish Betsy Yoder recently takes to Instagram to share a life update. Read on to find out more.

What fans remember about Breaking Amish: LA Betsy Yoder

Fans may remember Besty from Breaking Amish: LA from 2013. Her birth name is Elizabeth Byler, however, she’s been married to Allen Yoder since November 17, 2012, according to IMDb. Together they have two daughters, Jolena Iva Elizabeth and EmaLeigha Grace.

Notably, the last time that Breaking Amish: LA star makes headlines is for her pregnancy with her youngest daughter, EmaLeigha. Before that, the headlines concerned fans since they announce her oldest daughter, Jolena Iva Elizabeth, is born 12 weeks prematurely.

Betsy chronicles her life on Instagram

While Breaking Amish: LA star Betsy Yoder may be keeping out of the headlines, that doesn’t mean she isn’t sharing things with her fans. Betsy regularly posts to Instagram. Recent posts include features of jewelry she made, an adorable dog, and her “cute as a button” daughters.

In a recent selfie, Betsy shares a pretty substantial life update. According to the caption, she took some time away from social media this week. The caption says, “Many of you have been wondering where I’ve been.” She quickly follows that up by explaining how she’s been busy. Concerningly, she goes on to write, “I am ok and alive just tired with no end in sight.”

It seems like she’s had family in town and that makes it hard for her to catch a break. However, once they leave she shares, “after that I need some sleep.” And this is where things get interesting. “I also go my roommate moved in and she’s almost settled.”


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Are Betsy and Allen still married?

This begs the question- are Betsy and Allen still married? Shockingly, this seems like an answer even Google can’t provide. However, about three weeks ago, Betsy posts a throwback photo with Allen and defines the relationship. “This is a picture of Allen and I (my x-husband) Back in 2010 or 2011,” captions Betsy. She also notes, “look how healthy and young I looked.”


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It seems that Breaking Amish: LA Betsy Yoder doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to giving details about her relationship. About five weeks ago, she shares a photo of her promise and engagement/wedding ring. In this post, she asks fans if they keep their rings after divorce. She also notes that she was married for seven years and divorced for one.


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It seems that a lot is going on in Breaking Amish: LA Betsy Yoder’s life right now, but she seems to be making the best out of a difficult situation. Tune in to TLC on March 22 to catch up with some fan favorites on Return to Amish.

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