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Courtney Waldrop Jokes About ‘Musical Beds’

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Courtney Waldrop, the mom of nine from Sweet Home Sextuplets, maintains a sense of humor. Clearly, with all those little kids around, that helps her stay sane. Now, she joked about how the family often ends up playing “musical beds.” Fans love the way she and her husband Eric let the kids just be kids. And it becomes obvious that the TLC stars adore their wonderful family.

Courtney Waldrop shares a lot about the Sweet Home Sextuplets family

TLC fans know that Courtney really deals with a lot every single day. While chaos reigns often, she seemingly takes it all with good humor. And fans appreciate that in-between seasons, she keeps them informed about their life. Actually, those little posts reveal far more than the actual Sweet Home Sextuplets show. Fans see their everyday life in small snippets, and they also love that she lets the kids just be kids.

All kids love mud. So Courtney Waldrop shared how they took the little kids along when their bigger brothers played baseball. You guessed, it the sextuplets couldn’t resist the dirt and just plastered themselves in it. Layke became so involved in splashing in the muddy puddles that the toddler ended up stripped to a diaper. Previously, the kids all took their buckets and spades and enjoyed playing in the builder’s sandpile at their home. But all those antics end eventually, and the family no doubt collapses exhausted into bed.

“Musical Beds” and magical moments with the kids

On Tuesday, March 2, Courtney Waldrop shared a sweet photo of two of the sextuplets in her bed. She explained in her caption that she and Eric sometimes waken to find any number of kids in their bed. She said, “Sometimes we wake up to two kids in the bed with us…sometimes 3,4,5,6,7 kids.” But then she mentioned that often, she ends up in bed with the kids. So, probably, if one or two of them become restless and need their mama, she climbs in bed for a cuddle with them.

Joking, Courtney Waldrop added, “We play musical beds and It’s always a surprise who you will wake up to at our house🙈😝.” The Sweet Home Sextuplets mom naturally experiences broken sleep with all those kids. She mentioned tiredness but doesn’t resent it one little bit. She noted, “I’m thankful for these days of sweet snuggles and cuddles with all our little loves❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

TLC fans thought that the “musical beds” post seemed very sweet. One of them said to Courtney Waldrop, “There is nothing any sweeter than a sleeping Baby!!!!! You have a Beautiful family!!!!”

Courtney Waldrop Jokes About 'Musical Beds'
Credit: God’s Divine Nine | Instagram

Another one, who just discovered the show noted, “I am in complete awe of your family. You and your husband are amazing and such an inspiration for other parents and your family has stolen my heart❤️”

Did Courtney Waldrop, Eric, and her bustling brood capture your heart? Sound off in the comments below.

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