Dale Moss Asks For Prayers For His Furry Friend

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Dale Moss just enjoyed a fun time with Clare Crawley but now, sadly, he asked for prayers for his furry friend. The Bachelorette star seems very down about Hendrix his dog. The bad news came via his Instagram on Monday, March 1. He posted up three photos of Hendrix and the poor doggie looks rather under the weather. So, many fans reacted to his post.

Dale Moss shares about his sick-looking furry friend

It seems like a sad turn for the worse after Dale and Clare got together for a few days. After they were spotted strolling around holding hands, and visiting the beach in Flordia, fans wondered if Clare might still be with Dale. On February 24, we reported that Dale somehow lost his pants. And Bachelorette fans seemed pretty sure that Clare might be behind it. Several ABC fans agreed that it’s the sort of prank Clare might do to Dale. But now it emerged that around about that time, Dale said his doggie fell very ill.

Dale Moss said in his Instagram post that Hendrix fell ill about one week ago. After he asked for prayers for his pooch, he explained what happened. It sounds like his furry friend became so ill that he feared for his life. Dale said, “It’s been a very tough week after he became very ill to the point his body was beginning to shut down.” However, the Bachelorette star noted that they got him to some excellent vets and some “dark” times came along. Nevertheless, he survived.

What’s wrong with Hendrix?

It obviously took time for the vets to diagnose Dale’s pet. And he mentioned that the result of the tests came back on Monday. He said that Hendrix suffers from a “rare” illness called “Addison’s Disease.” Dale Moss explained that this requires medication “for the rest of his life.” But he feels happy because his furry friend never passed away. Hendrix isn’t feeling well yet. But the doggie-dad said, “thankfully he’s still with us and will get back to feeling himself soon.”

In the comments section, fans said they held the pooch in their thoughts and prayers. One of them told Dale Moss, “Prayers for Hendrix, you and your family. 🙏🏽🙏🏽” Of course, people who keep furry friends around know that they take up as much of the heart as any other family member. So, fans really mean it when they send in their thoughts and prayers. If you didn’t know, Addison’s Disease rarely inflicts dogs. According to VCA Animal Hospital, it’s a hormonal condition.

Dale Moss Asks For Prayers For His Furry Friend
Credit: Dale Moss | Instagram

Possibly, Dale Moss saw his dog experience “an Addisonian Crisis” where the dog suffers sudden weakness, with severe vomiting and diarrhea, and sometimes collapse.” In that case, any veterinarian would treat the sick pooch as a “medical emergency.”

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