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Dale Moss Loses His Pants, Was Clare With Him?

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Dale Moss just shared himself walking around without pants, so naturally, Bachelorette fans wonder if Clare Crawley’s still with him. After all, over the weekend they spent time together at the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, Florida. fans heard that Clare and Dale got together and tried working through their breakup. Maybe that worked out well, and she stayed on and pranked him with his pants.

Dale Moss & Clare seemed very cozy in Florida

When Dale shared the clip of him, fans wondered if Clare might be with him. Or behind it all. After Dale broke off their engagement, Clare took it quite badly. In fact, she seemed blindsided and devastated. So, when Bachelorette fans heard she flew into Florida, they hoped that they’d sort things out. We reported that she missed him and they decided to take it slowly and see if they could make a go of it again. And, after sharing photos from the same hotel, fans felt convinced Dale Moss and Clare “spent the night together.”

Well, that possibility seemed even stronger over the weekend according to an article by US Weekly. They reported that they strolled around hand-in-hand at the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, Florida. And, Clare shared a photo of herself holding some sea sand and shells. It looked like the feet next to her belonged to Dale Moss. Recall, he painted his nails gold when he lost a bet. The outlet noticed that Clare sported “a ring on her ring finger.” A couple of days later, Dale shared a clip of himself in the yard without his pants on. Bachelorette fans agree that’s the sort of thing that could happen with Clare around.

How did Dale lose his pants?

When Dale shared a clip of himself wearing no pants, he captioned it with, “Am I doing this right 😂?” Then he added, “It’s a long story…” His hashtags included “#DontAsk,” “#SockGame,” and “#WinnieThePooh.” Well, if you know the Sock Game, it’s the hilarious fast-paced game where your fingers do the seeing. Of course, that could extrapolate into a lot of things if Clare Crawley’s with him. The message seemed very cryptic. So, that only made Bachelorette fans think she remains with Dale Moss.

One ABC fan commented, “This is all Clare 😂😂😂.” And another one noted, “Clare bragging again! 🙄.” More fans also thought Clare Crawley probably featured in the situation with Dale’s predicament. One person commented, “I think maybe he showing who wears the pants in that relationship.” Meanwhile, other Bachelorette fans suggested that Clare “stole” his pants. And other people thought it meant that Clare and Dale Moss “made babies.”

Dale Moss Loses His Pants - Was Clare With Him
Credit: Dale Moss | Instagram

What do you think happened the day Dale Moss lost his pants? Do you think Clare Crawley was behind it? Sound off in the comments below.

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