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Did Todd Chrisley Just Encourage Nic Kerdiles To ‘Go For It’ With Savannah?

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Recent Instagram activity has Chrisley Knows Best fans thinking Todd just gave Nic Kerdiles a subtle nudge to “go for it” with his daughter Savannah. Does Todd Chrisley want to see his daughter rekindle her flame with Nic? As we’ve previously reported, he and his wife Julie admit they learned about the breakup the same time fans did. And, they loved Nic. They had embraced him. He was part of the family. So, the breakup was hard on everyone.

When did Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles breakup?

As we’ve previously reported, news of their breakup broke in November of last year. Savannah took to Instagram to spill the news. She and Nic decided to pull the plug on their relationship. This news came as a shock to fans as they had announced their engagement just two years prior to breaking up.

Savannah Chrisley reassured fans the breakup was a mutual decision. However, many fans seem to think it was a little more her decision than his. This assumption came based on the fact that he retreated home to lean on his family and his faith to get through the breakup. Fans also saw him start working out more based on what he shared via Instagram.

Still, Savannah insists there isn’t any bad blood between herself and Nic. They were just at two different places in their lives and wanted different things. But, both she and Nic have made it sound like they could get back together someday in the future.

Todd Chrisley Instagram

Things got ugly on social media for a while

There was a period of time where the entire Chrisley family unfollowed Nic Kerdiles on Instagram. Savannah Chrisley also deleted any trace of him from her profile. He, in turn, did the same. Her father Todd, however, did not join in deleting all traces of him.

Slowly, the Chrisley family has begun to follow Nic Kerdiles on Instagram again. And, they’ve started interacting with his posts. Likewise, Nic Kerdiles has been in Savannah’s corner to cheer her on as she moved forward with her cosmetic venture. So, they certainly seem to remain on friendly terms.

Does Todd want Nic to ‘go for it’ with his daughter?

As we mentioned previously, this breakup was hard on the entire family. So, it isn’t too surprising that they slowly found their way back to being friendly. But, Nic Kerdiles recently got candid about life on Instagram. And, Todd Chrisley was among those that liked the post. Fans of this former couple couldn’t help but wonder if this was Todd’s way of telling Nic to “go for it” with Savannah.

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Nic penned in his Instagram caption: “One thing I’ve learned in the last year is I don’t feed off of being comfortable. Step outside of your comfort and go after things that are uncomfortable. You get one shot at this beautiful and crazy life. Go for it!”

Fans can’t hope but wonder if his breakup with Savannah helped contribute to what he learned last year.

Instagram was quick to bring Savannah up

His Instagram followers were quick to draw a connection between Savannah and the Instagram post. Many definitely want him and her to work things out and get back together. And, Todd Chrisley showed his own support by liking the post. Here’s what some of his followers had to say regarding Savannah.

  • “I’m sure you’re hoping people quit trying to keep connecting you with Savannah. That ship has sailed and only wish you the best. It’s great you’re living YOUR best life.”
  • “Just wished you and Savannah was together.”
  • “I hope you and Savanah are getting back together. Loved you 2.”

Not everyone wanted to see Nic and Savannah “go for it” one more time. But, many admit they miss seeing this beautiful couple together.

Do you think Todd wants Nic and Savannah back together? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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