‘Love After Lockup’ Tracie Wagaman Brady Gives Huge Updates: Exclusive

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Fans of Love After Lockup are always looking for updates on their favorites. TV Shows Ace got the chance to talk to Tracie Wagaman Brady exclusively and got an update on how she is doing now. Check out what the reality star had to say below.

Tracie Wagaman Brady gives an update

What have you been up since leaving Love After Lockup?

“I have been up to a lot.  I have been working on my recovery and taking that one day at a time.  I have moved to Vegas!  I have an OnlyFans account that I post frequently on, I have an Etsy shop where I am selling the only items that are authorized and created by me.  Right now there is an adult coloring book and a sticker collection, but I am in negotiations with some manufacturers about some other products.  I also have some projects coming up where you might see more of me and I am excited about those, please stay tuned.”
Do you have anyone special in your life?
“I have lots of special people in my life :).  Right now I am seeing a very special man named Luke.”
Tracy pic

Is Clint in jail still?

“Yes he is.  I think it is a shame how he got there,  the person he was running to the store for was well aware he wasn’t supposed to be driving.”

Did he cover up his tattoo?

“You would have to ask my husband, wherever he may be, about the tattoo.”

Tell me all about your coloring book and how it came about.

“The coloring book was a suggestion by someone I’m working with and it has been a huge success.  The pictures are actually my personal ones and I helped create and publish it, even though some of the pictures in the book and in the sticker collection aren’t the most flattering of me.  I think that’s what makes them fun and why people like them.  That is one thing I have learned- to laugh at myself!”
For now, Tracie Wagaman Brady isn’t on Love After Lockup. Fans would love to see her again, but at least they are able to get this little update from her. Things are looking up right now in her world.

Don’t miss new episodes of Life After Lockup when they air on Friday nights on WEtv. They are going back and forth between that and the show Tracie Wagaman Brady was on Lover After Lockup.

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