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Many Think Chris Harrison Removal From ‘The Bachelor’ Is ‘Ridiculous’

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There’s always two sides to every story. That’s proving to be the case surrounding The Bachelor host Chris Harrison. Many want Chris gone for good. There are also many who want him to return to the franchise he’s hosted since its premier many years ago. Chris reportedly voluntarily stepped aside as host for the upcoming After the Final Rose special. The special follows Matt James big finale. The controversy in question erupted over Bachelor contestant Rachael Kirkconnell. Many think her past actions prove she’s racist. Now, Chris continues to remain under fire for comments made to former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay during an interview about Kirkconnell. While the verdict is out on what will be Chris Harrison’s fate permanently, one person says his removal is downright ridiculous.

Some feel Chris Harrison being removed from The Bachelor is ridiculous

Fox News shared what some critics had to say about Chris Harrison’s removal from The Bachelor franchise. Political satirist Tim Young says removing Chris is “ridiculous.” He went on to say that what Chris said wasn’t even offensive.

While many will be irate over Young’s analytical take on the topic, he is behind Chris. Young said, “He made the point that what this contestant did attending that party in 2018 was still OK, and now in 2021 it’s not because everybody is being offended by cancel culture.” He continued saying, “Essentially, Harrison is being canceled for noting the nuance of cancel culture, not for his support of going to some party.” Young said,  “This is a meta-cancellation. He’s being canceled for pointing out that cancel culture has shifted in three years.”

Dan Gainor, vice president of the Media Research Center, also weighed in on Chris Harrison’s situation. He said Chris’ situation is “insanity.” He continued saying, “This is the kind of thing that we saw during the Chinese cultural revolution. This isn’t something that happens in a free country.”

And, Gainor didn’t stop there. He went on to blame the left for cancel culture. He said the left had “replaced the Bible with their own new bible of sin.” Gainor also said, “Inevitably, everybody’s bound to have done something wrong so they can get rid of anybody they want to.”

Is Chris history?

Young also says Chris should not have given in to the cries for him to leave. He said, “He stepped aside and allowed himself to be canceled by it. He shouldn’t have.” Young continued, “He should have forced them to fire him publicly and make a statement about it and then fight back against it. But instead he’s OK with being canceled for pointing out a nuance of cancel culture, not for supporting what this woman did. That’s the most ridiculous part of the whole thing.”

Young went on to say today’s culture has already gone to far. He thinks Chris doesn’t stand a chance of bouncing back from this. Why? Young said, “Culture is now set up so you get some kind of reward or some kind of likes or retweets on Twitter for pointing out you’re ‘offended’ by something. They’re rewarding the people who pretend to be offended when they really aren’t — and that’s where culture is going.”

Gainor says Chris won’t be back because there is no sanity in this. He said, “This is how a mob acts. There’s no middle ground. You have two options here: Either [Harrison] throws her completely under the bus and says, ‘This should have never happened,’ and bombard her with saying nasty things and get kicked off the show, or defend her. There’s no middle ground.”

Matt James and Chris Harrison via Instagram
Matt James and Chris Harrison via Instagram

What is cancel culture?

According to an online dictionary, cancel culture is a popular practice of withdrawing support for or canceling public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive.

Many have been apart of the cancel culture in recent months. J.K. Rowling and Ellen DeGeneres are just two celebrities who have been subject to this.

There still is no word on if Chris will be making a comeback to the show. Rachel Lindsay remains happy Chris stepped aside. She felt it was the right thing to do.

What are your thoughts on the situation surrounding Chris?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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