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Jill Dillard Shares Power-Saving Tips For Winter Storm

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Jill Dillard often shares tips and now she shared how they save power as the winter storm in Arkansas brings the potential for interrupted power. Arkansas authorities asked residents to reduce their power use. Overloading might mean rolling power outages. And, it’s so cold that seemed a very unpleasant thought. So, the Counting On alum tries her best with compliance.

Jill Dillard shares about how they save power in Arkansas

A few days ago, Jill shared a very useful series of tips on toy storage on her YouTube vlog. But, since then, a lot of ugly weather arrived in Arkansas. And, it’s not letting up yet. So, this time, Jill took to her Instagram Stories and shared how they try and stay warm, but at the same time, they conserve heat in the home. At the time of sharing, she said she felt happy as they hadn’t experienced a power outage, But, she noticed that warnings come for people to expect them as the winter storms continue.

ABC 7’s Katv reported that “gas companies” ask for the conservation of energy by residents as “temperatures plunge during a winter storm.” That sort of request comes along very seldom. And, right now, the demand for power beats out that of the “polar vortex of January 2019.” Brandi Hinkle, an Entergy spokesperson said, “we may have to do some planned outages so that we can continue to have power as necessary.” Following their request, Jill Dillard lowered the heating, which makes her feel a bit uncomfortable.

Tips for winter storm power saving

Since Jill shared how they save power, the bad news arrived that a second storm bears down on Arkansas. Kark.com reported that “a Winter Storm Warning is in effect for much of Arkansas beginning at 6 PM Tuesday Evening.” Once again, local power companies urge residents to continue with power saving. The outlet notes that “record-breaking” low temperatures come. So, it looks like Jill sticks with it for at least a few days.

On her Instagram Stories, the TLC alum said that she hopes they avoid a power outage. In the meantime, the kids hang around indoors and drink hot drinks. Talking about the winter storm, Jill noted people aren’t used to such cold weather. So, they try conserving heat as requested. The ceiling fan is set on as they hope that pulls the “cold air up” and helps “disperse hot air down.” Plus, they set the “heater” lower. And, it’s a bit low for Jill Dillard.

Jill Dillard Shares Power-Saving Tips For Winter Storm
Credit: Jill Dillard | Instagram Stories

Other power-saving things Jill Dillard mentioned include keeping most of the shades drawn. They also boil water on the stove. When they cook, they open the oven door so they don’t lose the heat. That way it helps heat the house. Of course, if a rolling power outage arrives for the Counting On alum, none of those options remain open to them.

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