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Jill Dillard Shares Toy Tips On New Vlog

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Jill Dillard recently took on a project in the home involving toys and now she popped up more about them on her vlog. With two very active boys, she tries “minimizing” her stress levels by managing their toys and access to them. If like this Duggar family, you battle with toy-overload, Jill comes up with some great ideas on them. Certainly, it seems not everyone is as organized as the Counting On alum.

Jill Dillard covers toys in her latest vlog

We reported in early February that the TLC alum took to her Instagram Stories. There, she shared how she tackled a new home project. She said that the kids outgrew their clothes inside of the season. So, she sorted them all out. Some, she folded away into storage as hand-me-downs. And others went off as donations. In her series of clips, Jill also mentioned that once she finished up sorting the clothes, she moves on and sorts out the toys. As kids sometimes become deeply attached to toys, she takes care when she tackles that sort of job.

Jill Dillard uploaded her new vlog about toys on February 11. She revealed that the kids play with their toys in the “living room.” That way, she keeps an eye on them. But she keeps the bulk of their toys stashed away in a storage room. And, only very occasionally, will she let them in there. She might allow her son Sam to grab some blankets and choose a book, but otherwise, she keeps them out.

Rotating toys make for less stress

Jill believes that issuing the toys out from storage on a rotational basis helps her cope with “stress levels.” Over the years, the kids accumulated a lot of toys. So, she takes out some and puts others away. That way, the kids never really tire of them or litter the house with too many. So, tidying up takes less time for Jill. Actually, the Counting On alum grew up in a huge family. Maybe she picked up some experience with toy-management from her mom, Michelle Duggar.

While super-organized Jill Dillard admits she’s not perfect, she feels it helps the boys stay “more engaged with their toys.” Right now, Sam and Israel play with their kitchen set and all the associated toys. They also play with their building blocks. Keeping them happy, they also give the boys a few other “random toys” to play with. A big part of the way she rotates the toys, is that the boys become excited all over again when the event takes place.

Buying in new toys

Jill also keeps track of sets of toys like Lego or “train and track” sets. That way, when birthdays or holidays come around, if they buy in new toys, they usually go for expanding on the original set.

In her vlog, Jill Dillard offers a lot more about dealing with toys. So, as there’s much more, you can watch the whole video below.

What are your thoughts on Jill’s ideas? Do you follow a similar system in your home? Sound off in the comments below.

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