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Janelle Brown Admits She Spent A Lot of Time In NC

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Janelle Brown became very concerned about the Sister Wives family. The four wives seemed fractured ever since they moved to Flagstaff. Kody had big dreams of everyone living in a single mansion, but that fell by the wayside. Now, with the family living in four separate homes, they hardly feel like a family anymore. And Robyn’s convinced she’s the one who broke the family dynamic. Now, Janelle admitted that she spent a lot of time in North Carolina with Maddie. Perhaps she feels that added to the distance between the wives.

Janelle  Brown raised the issue of the fractured family

During the premiere of Sister Wives on TLC, Janelle gathered the family for a team conference. We reported that “Sobbin” Robyn turned on the tears and spoke about the “pink elephant in the room.” She thinks that everyone split up and started moving away because of her arrival in the family. Actually, fans think that as well. But Janelle comforter her. In fact, she gave Robyn a big hug and said she felt sad that she felt that way.

Mind you, Janelle Brown felt that when Robyn arrived in the Sister Wives family, it seemed like bad timing. But certainly, Christine believes things became more toxic since the family moved to Flagstaff. While Robyn feels a bit sorry for herself, Christine feels unwelcome and unwanted. So, Christine cried as well, and this time, Robyn comforted her. But, while Janelle called the meeting about the family being more apart, she also admitted she spent a lot of time away with Maddie in North Carolina.

Maddie lives in NC, so did Janelle miss some of the dynamics in Flagstaff?

Taking to her Twitter on premiere night, Janelle confessed that she probably missed a lot of things going on in Flagstaff. And, if you recall, back in March last year, Robyn complained that Kody wasn’t around to sort out the papers on her house. He went away to see Maddie as well. So, he obviously felt that was more important than Robyns needs. Perhaps that rankled a bit for Robyn.

Talking about not being there for her Sister Wives family, Janelle apparently took some responsibility on board. Obviously, she worried about Maddie when she prepared for the birth of Evie K. After all, the family knew before TLC fans did, that doctors thought something wasn’t right. In her tweet about it, Janelle Brown said, “To be fair I had been at Maddie’s for the summer helping with the birth of Evie.” Then, she added that she wasn’t around much at all in the summer.” Then, she spoke collectively and said that “we” were gone. Perhaps she included Kody Brown in that. One can imagine that three wives in Flagstaff felt a bit unglued without the center of their lives around.

Why did Maddie Brown Brush move so far away from the family?

InTouch Weekly reminds readers that Caleb and Maddie moved away from the family for a practical and simple reason. Caleb landed a job there. That meant that the only grandchildren in the family also live far away from Kody and Janelle Brown.

Kody wanted everyone to live in a large single mansion. Christine opposed it, but Janelle Brown loved the idea. Finally, he canned the concept completely. But even if they lived there, the chances are that Kody and Janelle might still spend a lot of time in North Carolina.

What do you think Janelle Brown’s message meant? Do you agree that maybe she feels a little bit responsible for the break-up of the Sister Wives family in Flagstaff? Sound off in the comments below.

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