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Is ‘MBFFL’ So Scripted It’s Predictable?

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MBFFL brings loads of criticism from TLC fans for being overly scripted. In fact, some people think the scripting makes it easy with predictions for future seasons. While the current show premiered in November, historically, accusations of bad acting emerged years ago. In fact, some people, think it began way before last season which revealed Chase Severino and Whitney Way Thore becoming engaged.

MBFFL way too scripted say critics and predictable

Last year, we reported that many people believed that Chase & Whitney would never last. Many accusations poured in that suggested their body language seemed forced and unnatural. And lots of people complained they acted badly.  Actually, fans spotted red flags way back before Chase proposed to her in Paris, France. And the disconnection between them seemed obvious.

Few gestures of intimacy took place. Terms of endearment seemed scarce, and it seemed that Whitney actually avoided taking advantage of being alone with him. So, the news that they split hardly created a giant splash in the universe of MBFFL fans. In fact, way back in March last year, one fan commented on it. They wrote on Twitter, “Calling it now. Whitney and Chase’s scripted relationship will be over in a few months and next season will be all about Whitney dealing with ‘the breakup.”

And that’s exactly what fans see play out currently. Okay, nobody predicted a baby in the mix. But that fan illustrates how scripted they believe the show became.

Head over heels in love?

The current season revealed that Chase declared he felt “head-over-heels in love” with Whitney. But it seems that few My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans believed him. And in the current season people also think it really odd that when Whitney Facetimed Chase about her dog, nobody seemed distressed about someone running their hands through his hair. Others complained that Whitney Way Thore seemed forced and acting in her confessions.

Someone else also called out the show as fake after they saw Hunter delivering toilet paper. But the show claimed she and her mom self isolated without anyone bar Buddy dropping off groceries. Well, someone filmed Hunter, so that gives the show the lie, some people believe. But way before that, TLC fans complained about MBFFL and scripting. As her career seems tied into the TLC show, obviously Whitney denied scripting and claims that what fans see is the real deal.

Whitney strongly denies My Big Fat Fabulous Life scripting

In October last year, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that Whitney “[fired] back at those questioning the show’s authenticity.  In response to comments that she and Chase were scripted, Whitney said, “negativity doesn’t help anyone.” Well, it certainly won’t help her if TLC fans get over it and leave in droves. And once again, this season few people believe that Whitney has the right motivation for wanting weight loss surgery.

One fan noted, “At the very beginning of this whole show her reason for being big was PCOS and she loved being fat. Now she admits she has an issue with food and wants surgery. No one saw that coming Face with rolling eyes.” So, once again a contradiction makes people think scripting. Meanwhile, many people suggested that Witney will never go through with the surgery. And if she does, she probably won’t complete her weight loss objective. After all, without her being large, what does she bring that makes MBFFL worth watching?

What are your thoughts on the show? Do you believe it’s so scripted that MBFFL seems easily predictable? Sound off in the comments below.

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