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Amy Slaton Doesn’t Let Weight Stop Her From Enjoying Halloween

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Amy Slaton revealed during last night’s episode that her weight — and especially her sister’s weight — make celebrating holidays like Halloween a little difficult. Getting costumes that fit the Slaton sisters proves to be a difficult task. She, however, admits that she’s never allowed her weight to stop her from enjoying Halloween. Instead, she found an alternative she enjoys. Something that’s allowed her to really embrace the holiday.

How does Amy Slaton celebrate Halloween despite her weight

Instead of wearing a costume, she uses makeup to create a costume. Amy Slaton admits that every year she studies how to create different spooky looks with makeup. So, she can feel like she’s really dressed for the holiday. Even without having an actual costume to wear. According to this week’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, Amy Slaton has enjoyed showing off her various spooky looks via YouTube. Moreover, the quick clips reveal she’s actually gotten pretty good at it!

Are plus size costumes really difficult to find?

A quick scroll through Google reveals a lot of sites offer a plus size selection of Halloween costumes. But, their actually plus sizes do not go very high. Companies such as Spirit Halloween for example look to cut off their plus size department at 3x. Unfortunately, as you do a deeper dive to find stores that carry significantly bigger sizes… Those sizes also come with significantly bigger price tags. Then, it becomes a question. Is worth spending a ton of money? A ton of money on something a person only intends to wear once a year?

All this information in mind, it is understandable why Amy and Tammy Slaton would shy away from Halloween costumes. Moreover, here’s hoping she’s able to lose enough weight one day that she can wear costumes if she wants to.

Clothing seems difficult in general because of their weight

As we previously reported, both Amy and her sister Tammy Slaton are getting dragged for being dirty and unkempt. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans bash Amy for having dirty and crusty feet. And, they come after Tammy for wearing dirty clothing with stains and holes. Unfortunately, those watching My 600-LB Life know hygiene and clothing aren’t things that come easy to someone of larger size. So, perhaps the Slaton sisters have some financial limitations when it comes to their wardrobes.

Tammy & Amy Slaton Slammed For Being Dirty & Unkempt

The latest episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters is available via the discovery+ streaming app. Stick with us at TvShowsAce for the latest news on the Slaton sisters and their weight loss journey.

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