Tammy Slaton Is ‘Freaking’ Frustrated With Dead Rumors

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Tammy Slaton took to Instagram to vent her frustration about rumors she is dead. Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters are concerned Tammy won’t be with us much longer if she doesn’t make serious changes to her diet and start shedding some pounds. And, any time she goes silent on social media for a while… Rumors swirl that she’s sick or dead. A media outlet or tabloid gets ahold of these rumors. And, suddenly fans see entire stories declaring Tammy Slaton dead. Even though she’s still very much alive.

Tammy Slaton slams those who lie about her health

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star took to her Instagram Stories earlier today. She wanted to vent about how tabloids were making her feel as of late.

“I don’t freaking understand why people have to lie so much talking about I die man come on I’ve been active on here.” The frustrated TLC star vented.

Tammy definitely seems frustrated with the constant rumors she’s passed away floating around the internet. Especially when she does her part to keep her social media profiles active so people know she’s doing alright.

Has she almost died in the past?

A report by Meaww from a few weeks ago addresses whether Tammy Slaton has almost passed away.

The outlet reminds us of an incident that happened back in April of 2015. Amy shared an emotional video of herself. Revealing her sister fell in the bathroom. And, that she had pneumonia. In her video, Amy made it clear she wasn’t sure if her sister would live.

Preparing herself for the worst, she started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money because of how much it would cost to get a coffin to hold her sister.

“I know she is on a medical card but it will not cover all of the bills. It is taking all of our checks just to make it through. So this GoFundMe account will be for Tammy’s funeral if she dies She is not dead yet so please pray that she gets better. Please pay that we do not have this funeral and when she gets home the money will go to help us pay off the medical bills,” She explained.

The whole incident left a bad taste in the mouths of her fans. They thought Amy used the situation to squeeze people for money. And, the whole thing felt like a scam. Many said it was a shame because if her sister did pass away sometime later… No one would want to help her because of this. Obviously, this was years ago. Tammy made a recovery and returned home.

Is Tammy Slaton going to die?

This is a question no one can answer for sure. But, The Sun reports doctors have told Tammy Slaton if she does not start shedding some serious pounds she will die within the next five years. With this information floating around, it is understandable why fans would be on edge every time she disappears from social media.

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Emotionally, do you think the death rumors are hard on Tammy Slaton? Do you understand her frustration? Stick with us for the latest news on the Slaton sisters.

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