90 Day Fiance Seeking Sister Wives Crossover

’90 Day Fiance,’ ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Crossover?

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90 Day Fiance & Seeking Sister Wife were the subject of crossover speculation back in March last year. But might that actually happen? A teaser from TLC about the upcoming Season 3 of the polygamy show hints at something involving “90 Days.” But if it means the 90 Day Fiance show, who could it be? The info seems rather vague, but in one way, it’s rather specific. However, the candidates seem unlikely. But, it’s with speculating about it.

90 Day Fiance & Seeking Sister Wife crossover possibilities

We reported in March last year, that TLC fans became all excited about a possible crossover. At least with Sister Wives. That came when Kalani Faagata mentioned she and Asuelu ran into Kody Brown at a diner. She teased fans by saying, “90 Day Sister Wives? Sister Fiancés? I don’t know what we’d call our spinoff, but I do know it’d be 🔥.” Fans loved the idea, but clearly, Kalani only joked about it. So, it’s probably not them.

Why do people think there might even be a crossover between 90 Day Fiance & Seeking Sister Wife? Well, a recent article by Starcasm noticed a hint by TLC. It read: “From a 90 Day twist featuring a Brazilian bombshell and a divorce…”  Of course, they might not refer to the TV show. Perhaps it’s someone who tried a long-distance relationship and it failed. Nevertheless, it sounds like a good hint that there might be a long-awaited crossover.

Who might the potential crossover involve?

Let’s speculate that Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife brings in someone from the 90 Day franchise. Who might it be? We know they talk about a Brazillian and a divorce. Several Brazilians featured in the show. And several of them ended up without a marriage, a divorce, or a happy couple. That eliminates Julianao Custodio straight away as she and Michael Jessen seem happily married together.

Cassia Tavares came from Brazil and married Jason Hitch. They got divorced but we can eliminate her as she’s in a new monogamous relationship, Starcasm notes. Then, Colt became engaged to Vanessa Guerra but they never married so no divorce happened. What about Jess Caroline? Well, she and Colt split. But she’s married someone else and they seem monogamous as well. So, that leaves Larissa Lima. Larissa fills all the slots for a 90 Day Fiance, Seeking Sister Wife slot.

Might Larissa lima feature in Seeking Sister Wife, Season3?

Larissa married Colt and then went through a much-publicized divorce. She took up with Eric Nichols and seems on-again, off-again with him. But they never married. She’s also considered something of a “bombshell” these days. And of course, she’s Brazillian. But do you honestly see her putting up with other wives? Notably, TLC fired her anyway. So, it’s unlikely they’s slot her into another show on the network.

Meanwhile, Paul Staehle and Karine live in Brazil. And despite many threats of divorce, they remain married. So, that eliminates them as well. If TLC brings a 90 Day Fiance, Seeking Sister Wife crossover, can you think who it might be? Sound off in the comments below.

Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife has a premiere date of February 28th at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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