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Is A ’90 Day Fiance’ & ‘Sister Wives’ Crossover Spin-Off Happening?

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A TLC Sister Wives and 90 Day Fiance crossover spin-off may be in our future!

A couple TLC universes collided recently when 90 Day Fiance couple Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa enjoyed a nice brunch in Utah. The duo just happened to run into Sister Wives couple Kody and Robyn Brown.

Coincidence or foundation for a brilliant crossover TLC spin-off?

Chatter that Sister Wives might not last too much longer has been thick among TLC fans. There are also rumors swirling that Kody Brown isn’t feeling his current marriage situation. Has he reached a point where having four wives isn’t as thrilling as he thought it would be?

Perhaps a spin-off with just Kody and Robyn Brown is just what fans need?

Robyn and Kody Brown were reportedly in town because of a family emergency. While the nature of the emergency was unclear. It was Mykelti who informed them of the emergency. Interestingly enough, Mykelti lives extremely close to Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa. Mykelti did reassure Sister Wives fans the emergency had nothing to do with anyone in the Brown family directly. Still, fans hope everything is alright!

It was Kalani Faagata that proposed the crossover spin-off on Instagram.

“90 Day Sister Wives? Sister Fiancés? I don’t know what we’d call our spinoff, but I do know it’d be 🔥!” Kalani Faagata exclaimed in her Instagram post. She, then, proceeded to gush about how nice it was to have the opportunity to meet Kody and Robyn Brown.

“It was such a treat meeting Robyn & Kody today! What are the odds that we would all be brunching at the same place?!”

Kalani Faagata noted it was always a treat when fate presented you with the opportunity to meet someone from the TLC family. She revealed that she was a fan of Sister Wives. She’d been watching the show for years. Then, she proceeded to plug a new episode of Sister Wives as she encouraged her 90 Day Fiance followers to check it out.

How do fans feel about the possibility of a crossover spin-off?

It goes without saying that Sister Wives and 90 Day Fiance are two very different shows. But, they both fall into the category of reality TV. And, they air on the same network. It’s extremely common for networks to have crossovers of two popular shows. The question is… What would the focus or the purpose of a crossover with these two couples be? Would all of the Sister Wives be in the crossover or just Robyn?

Here’s what some of Kalani Faagata’s followers had to say about the idea:

  • “Wow this throws my brain for a loop lol so cool”
  • “This a great picture thanks for sharing! It’s bummer people are so rude in the comments.”
  • “Eeeee! This makes me so happy! I love seeing my favorites from different shows together!”
  • “I did a double take. Wait. I thought I was following kalani then the browns show up. Way fun”
  • “WHAT!!! 😮 this is the spin-off I NEED IN MY FREAKING LIFE!!! 🙌”

For the most part, everyone who took the time to comment on the post seemed to be here for the spin-off idea. Unfortunately, this was nothing more than a fun suggestion by the 90 Day Fiance couple at this time. For now, it’s up to fans to call enough attention to the idea that TLC considers running with it.

Would you watch a 90 Day Fiance and Sister Wives crossover spin-off?

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