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Todd Chrisley Confirms He Is A Fairy, Wears Wings ‘In His Mind’

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Chrisley Knows Best fans saw Todd spending a little qualify time with his granddaughter Chloe during the most recent episode. He was sitting on the floor beside her with dolls scattered all over the coffee table. Todd and Chloe seemed to be having a really fun time together. Chase was also in the room for most of the scene. Those who missed the new episode or want to check out the scene again can find it down below.

Chase pokes fun at his daddy for girly activities

The well mannered Chloe was happy to invite Chase to join her and Todd for a tea party happening soon in another room. Chase, however, had to decline. He explained to Chloe he would love to be a part of the tea party. But, he had plans to hang out with his friend Nick. Chase, however, couldn’t miss an opportunity to poke a little fun at his father. He noted the dolls and tea party scene was more his father’s speed. He would go do more exciting and manly activities with his friend.

Arguably, this scene is a prime example of what Julie Chrisley meant recently about Chase still having a lot of growing and maturing to do. As we previously reported, Julie revealed she doesn’t want to see Chase married just yet. She doesn’t think he is ready or mature. And, the fact that he would poke fun at his father for doing girly activities to spend time with Chloe is a prime example of what Julie likely means. Once matured, Chase will likely better understand the value of quality time with Chloe regardless of what activity is being done.

Todd Chrisley embraces and flaunts his inner fairy

As they finish up with the dolls, Chloe explains they have to head off for the fairy tea party. The tea party Chase declined to attend. This tea party is themed. A fairy theme party. And, she has a few pairs of fairy wings on the table for them to take to the party. She reminds her grandfather to grab his pair of fairy wings.

Todd Chrisley jests that he has always been wearing the fairy wings in his mind. But, he was happy to grab them. Chloe asked if her grandfather was a fairy. And he happily affirmed he was a fairy. And, he had been a fairy for a while now.

Chrisley Knows Best fans react to father-daughter scene

Now, Todd Chrisley is technically Chloe’s grandfather. But, he is also her father figure as well. Chloe refers to him as her father. And, most fans respect this relationship. That being said, fans loved seeing this father-daughter scene. It was great to see them spending time together. And, him affirming he already was a fairy really sent fans reeling.

Most fans admit they love the way Chloe and Todd interact.

Does Todd embracing his inner fairy surprise you? Can you picture him in fairy wings? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, stick with us for the latest Chrisley Knows Best news.

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