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‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Attends The Super Bowl

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The Little Couple fans heard that Jen Arnold, the mom of Zoey and Will attended the Super Bowl. Many TLC fans thought she was extremely lucky to be there. After all, limited capacity meant fewer people attended. Meanwhile, others cautioned her about COVID-19. And others wished they hadn’t missed the Super Bowl LV halftime show.

The Little Couple – Jen attends the Super Bowl, fans react

Many people couldn’t attend the Super Bowl this year. So, they told, Jen Arnold that she got very “lucky.” And those who missed it also missed the Super Bowl halftime show which came with some interesting news. Firstly, a lot of people simply didn’t know who Abel Tesfaye was. We reported that The Weeknd performed at the Super Bowl LV halftime show on Sunday.” And fans had mixed feelings about his performance.” But everyone wanted to know who he is.

Well, he’s from Canada and already released albums, and won Grammy awards for his music. Then, other people raved about Jason Alexander and the Tide commercial. Some people couldn’t place him. But it turned out he played the role of “George Costanza on Seinfeld.” So, the event seemed interesting and a lot of fun. So, fans reacted when they heard that The Little Couple mom Jen Arnold saw it all go down. TLC fans know that Will, her son, loves football, but her post never revealed if he attended as well.

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Jen shares a photo of herself at the Super Bowl

Jen looked delighted in the photo that she shared. She wore a warm jacket, a thick jersey, pink pants, and a big mask. But people saw that huge smile behind her face covering. Some people commented on the size of the crowd which looked large. But one follower noted, “1/3 capacity and 1/3 of those are vaccinated healthcare workers. Plus thousands of cardboard cutouts.” Fans liked the idea of health care workers like Jen getting the opportunity to attended.

The Little Couple star captioned her post with: “Honored to be here #tampabay @buccaneers #healthcareheroes.” And she mentioned the healthcare workers with “#superbowl.” In the comments, some people seemed a bit concerned about Jen Arnold attending. One of them cautioned, “Oh be safe🙏🏻 covids bad here in 🇨🇦 2nd round so fed up, (sic).”

However many The Little Couple fans felt happy for her. They know the family’s staunch followers of football. One fan wrote, “have a wicked awesome time!” And another one said, ” Thank you for what you do Jen & GO BUCS!!”

The Little Couple Jen Arnold Attends The Super Bowl
Credit: Dr. Jen Arnold | Instagram

An early love for football evident

Fans of the TLC show might recall that in Season 2, Bill flew to a football game. It came when Jen tested her lung capacity to see if she might bear her own baby. The show revealed some tense moments as both Jen Arnold and Bill stressed he might not get home on time for the results. Now years on, she and Bill raise two kids who would dearly love to watch the Super Bowl.

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