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‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Victor Plays Favorites Again

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As The Young and the Restless fans know, Adam (Mark Grossman) has always been his dad, Victor’s (Eric Braeden) favorite. That trend is set to continue this week on Y&R, but the business mogul will also give his son a reality check. Let get an idea of what could happen to our fan-favorite business mogul over the coming week.

Drama in the Newman family on The Young and the Restless

Y&R head writer Josh Griffin has promised fans plenty and drama and showdowns this week. This will include Victor, Adam and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan).

As Victor continues to work on his relationship with Adam, things have been going better than anyone had expected. This is especially so when knowing their volatile history. Victor is using the New Year as an opportunity to build his empire and he wants his son firmly in the fold. However, his efforts to bond with Adam are likely to cause the sibling rivalry of the Newman kids to flare.

Victor continues to support Adam on The Young and the Restless
Victor continues to support Adam on The Young and the Restless [Image @youngandrestlesscbs/Instagram]

Victor gives Adam a reality check

While Victor and Adam’s relationship has improved no end, it looks like the Newman patriarch will be forced to give his son a reality check. Spoilers hint that his warning could be related to the way Adam is handling Chelsea’s care. Will this warning set them right back to square one?

Nick (Joshua Morrow) could also offer his support to Chelsea. While Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) says she supports this move, it could end up bringing out her jealous and insecure side.

However, it might not be related to how his son handles Chelsea. It could be that Victor doesn’t like Adam leaning on Sharon (Sharon Case) for support so much. Meanwhile, Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) certainly doesn’t like it. He is likely to push her for answers. Rey knows only too well that there is more to his wife’s bond with Adam than she is admitting.

While Adam thought it would be motivating to get Sharon involved with Chelsea, he could find out that he has made a huge mistake. It could be the stroke victim will react to being pushed too far.

Will Victor once again target Billy?

As The Young and the Restless fans know, Victor has never been fond of his former son-in-law, Billy. He loves to snidely refer to him as “Billy Boy Abbott.” Victor was sorely disappointed after Adam’s shooting didn’t land Billy behind bars for good. Should the opportunity arise for Victor to target Billy once again, fans should watch for him to take full advantage of the situation.

As noted by Soap Opera Digest, Victoria’s storyline continues, as she struggles with Billy and Lily’s growing relationship. Things could really blow up when Billy decides to introduce his new love to his kids as his new significant other.

Keep up with the drama on The Young and the Restless, weekdays on CBS.

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