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‘Unpolished’ Fans Slam Matt After He & Bria Visit OBGYN Dr. Lee

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Unpolished fans slam Matt, Bria Martone’s husband-to-be on the TLC show. Season 2 features their wedding preparations although they already married in real life. Bria’s sister Lexi doesn’t like him at all, and neither do fans on Twitter. They mocked him and condemned Bria after they saw them visit OBGYN Dr. Lee. Actually, the doctor stole the show, but Matt seemed so dismally ignorant of the female body, that fans could hardly believe it.

Unpolished – Fans slam Matt after visit to OBGYN Dr. Lee

We reported that Bria seems over-the-top excited about her wedding. But she told fans that the coronavirus restrictions really made it less than she hoped for. Actually, fans think it rather odd because initially, Bria and Matt wanted to elope. But, if she’s in the place for a big wedding, why not? After all, it’s her first time she ever married. As TLC fans already know, Matt comes with two kids from a previous relationship. So, she’s an instant mom.

Unpolished fans can’t get over how she seems determined to make new a baby straight away. On Twitter, they shake their heads over that. But she seems determined. However, when they visited OBGYN Dr. Lee, it became glaringly apparent the Matt knows very little about female ovulation. Fans think that after raising two kids already, he acts like a “moron.” One fan wrote, “Matt is a sandwich short of a picnic,” And others commented that even Dr. Lee pretty much called him “stupid without actually calling him stupid.”

Bria Martone doesn’t get away without criticism either

Meaww reported that Bria and Matt consulted Dr. Lee as they really hope for her to fall pregnant on their honeymoon. Not prepared to wait they asked about ovulation cycles, so it all happens “right way.” But fans think Bria’s crazy. After all, they already raise two kids. And Matt apparently comes with few prospects in terms of employment. One fan who slammed Brai over her choices commented about that. They wrote, “Matt said he and Bria are ready to expand their family cuz he is sober now. He doesnt have a job or purpose in life or goals but he wants to have a third kid. I cant even with this loser. (sic).”

Bria also found some critics on the social media site. One Unpolished fan noted, “Bria wanting a baby on her wedding day is crazy. He has 2 children already. Another baby won’t keep you and Matt together.”

And another TLC fan raised an interesting question. They asked: “Can someone explain this to me like I’m Matt, Bria said they had to get married on that specific date because it was their 9 year anniversary. If they’ve been together 9 years how does Matt have twin boys with someone NOT Bria?”

Fans know that Jennifer Martone asked her Unpolished fans not to get critical about the wedding and Bria’s marriage. But lots of them just can’t fathom why she’d marry him. And rush off to have a baby, when it looks like they rely on Jennifer for their home and income.

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