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Bria Martone Of ‘Unpolished’ Answers Fans Burning Questions

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In the most recent episode of Unpolished, Bria Martone dealt with a lot. Her wedding shower had to be cancelled, because of COVID. In her own words, “things just kept crumbling,” because of the restrictions. Bria received a lot of criticism on social media because of her wedding.

Because of COVID, she is also told she can only have fifty guests at the castle for the ceremony, because of COVID. They could have fifty, however, there was no dancing allowed. All of the restrictions truly surprised Bria. Jen Martone has fiercely defended her daughter against anyone who has made rude comments about her and her wedding. Bria powered through like much brides caught off guard due to the pandemic.

On TLC’s Instagram story the hair dresser answered the questions fans had about her wedding happily. She said reliving the planning was nice. They could soak it all in without the stress of not knowing what would be happening in the next few hours. The pictures of Bria’s dress and wedding on Instagram are stunning, so fans know eventually she pulled it off.

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Bria Martone Answers What She Dreamed Her Wedding Would Be Like

Bria Martone answered lots of fan questions. One fan asked how she decided what to do with her hair. Bria said who she is as a person is not an updo. She knew she wanted her hair big and down. Bria said if she saw pictures and she had an updo, she’d hate it and she knew that. Another asked if she always knew what type of bride she’d be. Like most girls, Bria had been thinking about her wedding day for awhile. She said she knew she wanted a princess and royalty affair. Bria knew a castle made for her dream venue, because it went with the princess theme.

Fans wanted to know her favorite hairstyle from the first season. She said color is her favorite thing to do. She liked the mermaid hair and the sunset hair. Color melts are how she loves to express her creativity, because she loves the more challenging creations.

Which Family Member Would She Be For A Day

Fans asked what family member she’d be for a day. Bria Martone said, “my mom.” She said she’d been her superhero her whole life. She couldn’t stop gushing about Jen Martone. She said, “she lights up the room when she walks in.” Jen is the face of the company and the first thing they see when they roll in. Bria said everyone she talks to falls in love with her, because she has a heart of gold.

Bria said her mother would do anything for her family and her kids. She said she’d learned a lot from her just being her daughter. Lexi said she’d be Foxy for a day. She wanted to know what went on in her head. She said she could eat what she wanted, because Foxy never gains weight. Bria said a fun fact about her is she collects things She said some people might know, because they watch the show. Among those things are nutcrackers and shampoos. What do you think about Bria’s dream wedding? Comment your thoughts below.

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