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‘RHOSLC’ Reunion: Mary’s Husband Robert Showdown With Jen?

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RHOSLC Reunion like all of the Bravo shows probably brings a lot of drama. And sometimes, things really fly! In fact, tempers and accusations often rise to a boiling point. And when it comes to Mary Cosby’s husband Robert, potentially there’s a showdown with Jen Shah. Mary brought an instant person that fans love to hate. And Jen early on took some exception to the church pastor.

RHOSLC Reunion hints at sparks between Mary’s husband Robert and Jen Shah

Mary Cosby arrived in the first season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City with a unique storyline. She’s a pastor and she married her grandfather. Well, technically, her step-grandfather. But that alone seemed rivetting for fans. After all, most people in the Bravo franchise come with rather mundane histories in comparison. Mary seemed like a controversial figure right from the beginning of the season. In fact, we noted that early on, she became the one cast member that “fans love to hate.”

Recall, Jen Shah and Mary clashed over Jen’s aunt. It came after Jen saw her double-amputee aunt in the hospital. And fans and the cast seemed shocked at Mary’s insensitivity. She talked about how her aunt could probably eat better. And dismissed the massive disability as nothing. All she could really do was wrinkle up her nose and complain ab0ut the “hospital smell.” Clearly, Jen never forgave Mary for that. Now, she and Mary’s husband Robert look likely to clash during the RHOSLC Reunion.

Jen Shah called Mary a grandpa f***er

Recall in the show, that Jen Shah became upset with Meredith Marks when she took Mary Cosby’s side. The Real House Wives of Salt Lake City star lost it and declared that Mary’s just a grandpa f***er. Obviously, Mary overheard it and felt embarrassed and angry. The other cast members chided Jen for bringing it up. Meaww reminded fans that after a while, Mary tackled Jen about it. And Jen denied she ever said it. So, no apology came forth.

Bravo’s Andy Cohen lives for that sort of unresolved conflict. So, he raises it in the RHOSLC Reunion, Meaww noted.  In fact, he knows exactly how to use old resentments. And that often makes the Reunions fierier than the actual season. So, he asked Robert how he felt about Jen calling Mary a “grandpa f***er.” Angry, he replied, saying, “I don’t like people messing with my wife.” Meanwhile, Jen just rolled her eyes. So potentially, that becomes a showdown and words will fly.

What do you think will go down between Mary’s husband Robert and Jen on the RHOSLC Reunion? Will she deny it ever happened? Will he just sit idly by and let her continue to not apologize for saying bad things about his wife? Or will he write it off as just something nasty that should be forgotten? Sound off your thought in the comments below.

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