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’90 Day Fiance’: Omar & Avery Hold Extensive Q&A

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90 Day Fiance stars Omar & Avery finally got around to the long-awaited Q&A they promised TLC fans. Now, they delivered a lot of answers to questions on their YouTube vlog. They moved to the UAE recently and already posted up some clips of their life there. But fans always hope for more info. After all, TLC dish very little about the real events in the lives of their stars.

90 Day Fiance – Omar & Avery do a Q&A together

When Avery shared some clips of their new life in the UAE, she never put any commentary on it. So, while TLC fans enjoyed seeing their new life together, it lacked some depth. At the time, she said on Instagram that soon, they start posting up more regularly. And she promised them that if Omar’s okay with it, they’d do some Q&A sessions. Well, he obviously agreed as they appeared together. He seemed very sweet and a bit shy. Especially when Avery told fans he turned 27 last week.

90 Day Fiance‘s Omar & Avery answered a lot of questions that might seem rather mundane. But that’s what fans want. And, they always hope that their favorite people show up on the screen. In the show, they don’t always dish all the little details. And, often with the camera crew around, there’s a feeling they act for the cameras. So, fans think it’s refreshing that they can just be themselves. Avery, in particular, looked comfortable and at ease as she chatted away. And judging by her body language she still seems very in love with her man.

What did Omar & Avery talk about?

The couple started off by telling their fans their ages. Avery’s 21 now and soon turns 22. Meanwhile, Omar just turned 27. So Avery said he needs some congratulations from their fans. He smiled and looked a bit shy. Next, they confirmed that they met via a Muslim dating App. While it might not work for everyone, Avery said, “it worked for us.” And the sign-up process was “easy.” Then fans asked how difficult it was for Avery to convert to Islam. She said that she felt lucky that so many friends explained a lot of things. And, the religion just “resonated” with her.

Next, 90 Day Fiance’s Omar & Avery spoke about how his family accepted their marriage. Well, Omar assured people there’s no problem. In fact, he said, “I want to say that my family really loves her and they consider her like of the family members.” Avery also explained that she actually “met Omar’s family.” That came before she met “Omar in person.” Avery obtained their approval to marry Omar and she said they’re the “best people” she ever met.

Omar chipped in and explained that some of his siblings “live in New Jersey.” He hoped she came over as real as she seemed. So, after they met her, they told him that Avery’s really “so nice.”

The family wanted Avery to stay longer

Initially, Avery planned on a three-day visit. But they all got along so well, that the family changed her flight at their own cost. So, she ended up staying a week. And Omar said his “nieces” took to her so much, they didn’t want her to leave. Interestingly, as Avery pointed out, none of that info emerged via TLC.

There’s plenty more that 90 Day Fiances‘s Omar and Avery dished. So, be sure to watch the whole Q&A.

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