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’90 Day Fiance’ Avery & Omar Share Life Update On YouTube

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Avery and Omar decided to relocate to the UEA if he couldn’t come to the USA. For a long time, she promised a YouTube where she could share some videos about their new life together. But, she waited until Omar agreed on it. Obviously, that happened. This weekend, she finally shared a video on their YouTube. 90 Day Fiance fans saw lots of scenes of Dubai.

Avery & Omar might live in Dubai

We reported that when Avery started talking about the UAE, she never said which city they chose. At one stage she shared photos of them staying in a hotel in Abu Dhabi. But, perhaps, they might be settled in Dubai. After all, many of her clips reveal the beautiful city. And many of her followers recognized the place. There’s a difference between the two places. and Traveling Lifestyle notes, “Abu Dhabi serves as the governmental center of the UAE while Dubai is a major international hub for business and tourism.”

Whichever city Avery & Omar chose, they both bring a lavish lifestyle. Both of them offer some of the top attractions in the UAE. Nice hotels, great food, plenty of shopping malls, and the beautiful desert scenery make them both very popular with tourists. Now, lucky Avery gets to live there with the love of her life, Omar. Recall, they spent a lot of time apart as he’s Syrian and that part of the Middle East seemed a problem. Plus travel between there and the USA became problematic.

YouTube post on life in the UAE

Taking to her Instagram on January 17, Avery shared that the 90 Day Fiance couple finally uploaded their first vlog about life in the UAE. Clearly a first effort, it comes with no narrative but it gives fans a good idea of life over there. In the comments section, some fans wondered how they afford to live there. If it’s Dubai, accommodation’s quite pricey. But, bear in mind, there’s a good chance that Omar works in dentistry now. And, dentists earn a pretty penny.

One thing that stands out, is the way Avery still seems besotted by her husband Omar. In one clip, she noted he’s the “cutest Syrian.” Other scenes revealed they met some camels which Avery enjoyed. And Omar even rode one. And she also contrasted nicely as she revealed a giant mall and the more traditional areas in the backstreets. Beaches, boats, delicious food, and stunning shots of the city looks really amazing.

One fan commented, “Look how wonderful life in the scary Middle East is….. I am glad that you have been blessed with a new and wonderful life by following and sticking to the path that Allah put in your heart.”

It certainly looks like the love that Avery & Omar found seemed predestined somehow. In the comments section, Avery also said they plan many more videos of their life together in the UAE.

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