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Dr. Jen Arnold Updates On Her Mom’s Health

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Dr. Jen Arnold of The Little Couple on TLC had a scare when her mom Nai Nai ended up in the hospital. Something went wrong with her heart and Jen asked for prayers. Now, Jen took to her Instagram and updated her very concerned fans. And, she took the opportunity to remind fans to take care of their health during the coronavirus. She hopes people stay in touch with their medical professionals.

Dr. Jen Arnold talks about her mom’s health and tests so far

We reported that when Jen’s mom suddenly experienced a health crisis, the TLC  star said, “Please keep my mom aka #NaiNai in your good thoughts today.” Then she added, “Admitted unexpectedly today for urgent cardiac tests- Heart disease is real.”

Of course, many fans said they started praying that all goes well. Notably, she also talked about people being very careful about contracting the virus. After all, people with other conditions might need beds in the hospital as well.

On January 17, The Little Couple star took to her Instagram again. And this time, her update brings the news that her mom might not be as ill as originally feared. She captioned her post with, “We are thankful for good test results thus far but like everything else in health, when you don’t know the cause it is challenging.”

So, that sounds like some good news for Dr. Jen Arnold.

More reminders about seeing medical professionals

Once again, Jen reminded people about watching their health, She said that they should “screen” and then make sure they keep up with visits to the doctors’ rooms. No more news came about the state of Nai Nai’s health. But presumably, she suffered some sort of medical issue. Jen also never mentioned if she remains in the hospital or not. So, fans continue praying for her.

Other fans talked about their own heart issues and thanked Dr. Jen Arnold for sharing about Nai Nai. Heart health awareness is so very important, after all. And, they feel that people should really educate themselves on the signs and symptoms of a potential heart attack. Apparently, in some circumstances, medical attention needs to be offered really quickly.

Dr Jen Arnold updates moms health
Dr. Jen Arnold updates moms health | jenarnoldmd | Instagram

Heart health information

The Mayo Clinic lists all the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. The website notes that”it’s crucial to call 911 or emergency medical help if you think you might be having a heart attack.” Some people might not present severe symptoms, and that sometimes makes things a bit tricky. “The earliest warning might be recurrent chest pain or pressure (angina) that’s triggered by activity and relieved by rest.”

Like Dr. Jen Arnold’s mom, if you suspect anything, it’s best to contact the doctor, rather than leaving it and hoping it just goes away by itself.

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