The Little Couple Star Jen Arnold's mom

‘The Little Couple’ Star Jen Arnold’s Mom Rushed To Hospital

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The Little Couple star Jen Arnold shared a big scare on Friday evening. The doctor turned reality star asked her fans to keep her mother in their thoughts. It turns out Arnold’s mom, who she refers to as Nai Nai, had to be rushed to the hospital. It appears Nai Nai is having heart trouble.

“Please keep my mom aka #NaiNai in your good thoughts today,” Jen posted on Instagram along with a photo of her mom. “Admitted unexpectedly today for urgent cardiac tests- Heart disease is real.”

Jen also gave a shoutout to COVID-19 and the continued pandemic we’re all-seeing. Nai Nai isn’t in the hospital because of the virus. However, The Little Couple star pointed out another danger of the coronavirus.

Jen asked everyone to keep masking up. Her rationale was that you never know when you’ll need a hospital bed. Her point is that if people don’t stay careful, the disease could make an even bigger surge. At that point, people like Nai Nai could run into a very scary situation.

People who need to be hospitalized for other things might not find a room available. If that happens, they then become another kind of victim of the disease.

The Little Couple Star Focuses On COVID-19

Nai Nai’s troubles aren’t anywhere close to the first time Jen has talked about her feelings regarding the coronavirus. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago she celebrated getting the vaccine.

As a healthcare worker, she was among the first in line. At least she said she was among the first in line. There were some of her fans who wondered whether she might be faking it. One asked if the needle was some kind of fabrication.

In the end, most of her supporters understood she did indeed get the vaccine. They then moved to talking about how lucky she was to get the shot when so many others are still waiting.

For her part, she expressed quite a bit of thanks for the opportunity to get the vaccine so early on in the distribution process. However, getting the shot isn’t helping Nai Nai at the moment. It appears that’s The Little Couple star’s biggest focus at the moment.

Fans Offer Support

Whatever fight existed over Jen getting the vaccine went away on Friday. Instead, her many followers were quick to offer well wishes after the news about her mom.

“Sending love. Hoping for a speedy recovery,” one follower wrote.

“Sending your, mom a lots of prayers, love but most importantly for a positive outcome and good recuperation,” one Instagram user commented.

It’s perhaps a statement on the quality of Jen as a person that she didn’t run into any follower who decided to be cruel or mean spirited. All of her followers only offered support if they commented at all.

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