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Kaitlyn Bristowe Shares Genius Makeup Hack

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Kaitlyn Bristowe just shared a makeup hack and Bachelor Nation fans think it’s genius. Actually, she looks healthy and vital again after her COVID-19. Plus, her sense of humor apparently returned. So, fans sound a bit relieved. Sometimes, these Bachelorette alum sounds and looks really down. Many ABC fans noticed that during Dancing With the Stars. But when she feels upbeat, her makeup looks immaculate. Now she shared her secret hack, fans love the idea.

Kaitlyn Bristowe looks amazing after COVID-19

When Kaitlyn and Jason Tartick shared they fell ill with COVID-19, they both looked like hell. And naturally, Kaitlyn shared that the whole experience seemed terribly scary. We reported that in an update she told fans, “I feel a little bit depressed and, like, super anxious and scared.” She continued, “I’m worried if, like, what if my smell and taste never come back? Then I get scared, like, what if tomorrow, I wake up, and I can’t breathe?” What terrified her the most related to the “unpredictability” of the illness.

However, she recovered and certainly looks over the sickness now. Nevertheless, she said they earned a big lesson about meeting with people even if you think it safe. Bear in mind, the person they met with tested COVID-19 free. Now better, she smiles and jokes around. On her Instagram on January 26, she revealed a much better-looking reality TV star. And it highlighted her sometimes absent-minded ways. So, fans felt grateful for the hack. And some of them smiled at their favorite Bachelorette star.

Makeup hack by Katilyn

Ever wished you felt confident enough to go online, but you don’t look good? Well, Kaitlyn literally put a bag over her head. But not because she feels a bit self-conscious. It came as part of her makeup hack. In a short clip. she pointed at her face and made a funny face. Then, she slipped a tote bag over her head. After that, Kaitlyn put on her sweater. In her caption, she wrote, “Once again, I forgot to put on my make up AFTER I put on my sweater. I DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS ABOUT ME I THINK IM SMART.”

Fans of Kaitlyn Bristowe commented on the makeup hack. Here’s want some of them said:

  • “This is brilliant. This would have saved me so many stained shirts 😂.”
  • “Hahah great “hack” 😂 when this happens to me I just put my hair in front of my face 🙈 same concept.”
  • “I do the same thing only with a turbietwist hair towel. The shape is perfect to hang on your face 😂.”
Kaitlyn Bristowe makeup hack
Kaitlyn Bristowe | Instagram

One interesting thought came in from one fan of Kaitlyn Bristowe. They said that in Japan if you try on clothing the stores make you place a bag over your head first.

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