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Does Christine Brown Normally Get So Much Hate On Instagram?

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Christine Brown of Sister Wives has nearly 400,000 followers. They can’t all hate her right? Surely, she has some supportive fans on her Instagram page… After all, she’s nearly half way to having a million followers!

Christine Brown received a lot of hate recently

You know Christine Brown took to Instagram to post a selfie recently. Fans did not receive the selfie very well. Many decided to criticize the photo. And, they had all sorts of things to say. Some felt the photo looked “manly.” Some did not think Christine was actually in the photo. Likewise, some thought she just looked unwell.

‘Sister Wives’: Does Christine Brown Look Like A Man In This Photo?

We also reported there was a little support for the Sister Wives star. Some supportive fans were disgusted by the negativity. They reminded fans not to be so unkind in the comments. Likewise, many were just concerned. Concerned all the negative comments would weight on Christine Brown heavily. They hoped she was handling all the criticism well.


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At this time, it does not appear as if she has responded to any of the hate.

Does she usually get this much heat on Instagram?

The negativity and criticism in the comments of this selfie is overwhelming to say the least. But, is this something that fans usually do to Christine? If you are someone who doesn’t avidly follow and read her comments you might not be sure. We decided to do a little digging into some of her past Instagram posts. We were curious to see if this was something her followers did often.


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Nearly a week ago, Christine Brown took to Instagram to share a photo of her rocking a new sweater. It was clear she was feeling herself. Her followers, however, not so much. In fact, Christine was dragged for her ugly choice in ensemble. Again, fans note they are not trying to be cruel. They love her. But, this is not the right outfit for her.

“No offense…but you look great but that outfit, not so much.” One follower penned.

Another agreed: “You’re cute! The sweater, meh.”

The comments dragging her outfit while doting on her soared to the topic. These backhanded complements seem to be a trend.

Many fans just want to know when Season 15 is happening

Now, Christine Brown have some fans who could care less about the drama. Some fans who have no interest in trolling and criticizing her. These fans just comment on nearly every post with one simple question. When will we get a new season of the series?

So, why do you think Christine Brown is getting so much hate on Instagram? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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