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Carly Waddell Of ‘BIP’ Shares Her Vision For The Future

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Carly Waddell shared a video with her YouTube followers of her and her adorable daughter Bella creating their vision boards for 2021. As fans know Carly and her Bachelor in Paradise husband are getting a divorce. Carly captioned the video that she and Bella had a ton of fun making their boards.

Bella is wearing a cute velour onesie. Carly shared that she is thinking positively about 2021. She asked Bella what she wanted to happen in 2021. This included asking her if she wanted to color more and turn three in 2021. She also asked if she wanted to be nicer to her brother. Waddell asked her daughter if she wanted to go to Disney if it was open and they could.

Carly Waddell Shared Her Goals As Well

Carly Waddell said she wants to cook more, and she wants to eat healthier. She has some statements on it like, “be bold, and practice gratitude.” She also said she was going to come out with new music soon. Carly shared things are so different in her life than the last time she wrote music so she’s excited.

Bella said she was drawing daddy. Carly said, “are you going to be spending more time with daddy in the New Year.” She said yes. Reportedly Evan Bass and Carly still have a good relationship and are doing well co-parenting their two children.

She Wants To Embrace Fear In 2021

Carly Waddell said she knows she’s challenging herself when she gets a pit in a stomach. But she wants to feel that more, but think of it like a good thing. She said she wants to know that she is walking in the face of fear. Also, she wants to let herself shine. One fan said, “Let your light shine Carly. You deserve everything life has to offer, and that vision board is a great start. We are all excited to watch your journey.”

Carly also wants to start a garden. She said she and Bella were looking for a good place to put one. Carly put, “believe in love,” on her vision board. She said just because something ends doesn’t mean love isn’t out there. Waddell said she’s not ready to even think about the next person that’s going to be in her life. She still wants to believe in it. One fan said, “Bella is so cute. Love it when she talks so cute! Also love the positivity Carly! I think we all need some positivity this year and goals to look forward to.”

Another goal of hers is to make meaningful content. She wants her followers to help her create what they want to see. What do you think of Carly’s vision boards? Are you going to create one to help you with 2021? Comment your thoughts below.

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