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Lindsie Chrisley Is Sick: Does She Have COVID-19?

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Lindsie Chrisley took to her Instagram Stories this afternoon to reveal she was sick. Naturally, her followers wondered. Could she have COVID-19? After all, you cannot announce you are sick right now without that being what people assume. Thanks to the pandemic, anyway. So, what is the black sheep of the Chrisley Knows Best family sick with? Does she have COVID-19? Fortunately, she elaborated for those concerned.

Lindsie Chrisley Is Sick: Fans Wonder If It Is COVID-19?

We know Lindsie Chrisley’s father had COVID-19 early on in the pandemic. We also know Lindsie Chrisley spoke out when people brought up her father was sick. She has no relationship with her father. But, she is still a kind person. And, she was not alright with people suggesting she would be happy if her father passed away. That was not her desire.

That being said, there is no chance she got COVID-19 from Todd Chrisley. Too much time has passed. And, they don’t have contact when they are well. So, if she has COVID-19…She did not get it from him.

Now, Lindsie Chrisley clarified on her Instagram Stories that she is sick but she does NOT have COVID-19. Instead, what ails her is actually a very simple stomach bug. She explained she had one of those 24 hour stomach flus. Unsurprisingly, she was not looking forward to it.

The mom-of-one wishes she had a cold.

In a perfect world, she would not be sick with anything. But, if Lindsie had to choose… She would choose a cold every time. Lindsie explains she absolutely hates the sensation of throwing up. And, she would rather be sick with a cold. Curious what her followers thought, she polled them. Asked if they would choose stomach flu or cold.

Given the current pandemic, most would be happy with either opposed to COVID-19. Lindsie admits she is not too sure how she ended up with the stomach bug. So, it doesn’t sound like anyone else in her house is sick.

Lindsie Chrisley Instagram Lindsie Chrisley Instagram

Lindsie Chrisley did not let feeling sick stop her from promoting products on her Instagram Stories though. Given that is a source of income for her… And she can do it sick or well… This was not something anyone found too surprising.

Here’s hoping Lindsie Chrisley stops feeling sick soon. Likewise, we are all just happy she is not suffering from COVID-19 like her father once did.

Finally, what do you think of her poll? Do you want a stomach bug or a cold?

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