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Peter Weber, Kelly Flanagan Fans React To Their Split

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Peter Weber told Bachelor fans that he and Kelley Flanagan split. Out of the blue, the news arrived on December 31. Naturally, as they seemed blissfully happy together, ABC fans reacted with shock and confusion. It’s the second time that Pilot Pete split in 2020, but  breaking up with Madison in March was at least anticipated.

Peter Weber, Kelly Flanagan splitsville news

When Bachelor alum Peter and Madison split, no doubt his mom Barbs celebrated with mouthfuls of champagne. But she really liked Kelley Flanagan, so the New Year news might have her spewing out her eggnog.  We reported that Peter shared the news about the split from Kelly on his Instagram. As one fan commented, “OH SH-T BARBS GOTTA BE PISSED!”

Peter Weber never said much more about the problems that led to the big bust-up. He shared a photo of them looking towards the sunset on a mountain. And, he referred to the fact that their “relationship simply didn’t work out in the end.” Obviously, making such a big move points to a lot of issues fans didn’t know about between the Bachelor couple. After all, so far no sign of any problems between them emerged via social media.

The Big Apple Move might have broken the camel’s back

In the comments section of Peter’s post, some fans said they felt very “confused.” After all, they just talked about their move to New York. However, it seems that simply broke the camel’s back.  E! News reported that the news was “particularly startling to fans.” They mentioned that the couple “just shared on Dec. 22 that [they] decided to move to New York City together.” But the big change only “exacerbated their issues.”

The outlet said that a source revealed that Peter Weber actually ended the relationship. Nevertheless, she apparently” agreed that they needed time apart.” The source also said that the couple fought a lot. Plus, the “move was very stressful and put a lot of pressure on them.” However, so far, Kelley Flanagan remained silent on the split. So Bachelor fans don’t know anything more at this time.

Bachelor fans react on Instagram

On Peter’s Instagram, possibly thousands of fans feel shocked by the sudden news. Here’s what some fans of Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber said about it:

  • “[Mom Barbs’] sticky little fingers are ALL OVER THIS.”
  • “Did not see that coming.”
  • “That’s such sad news Pete. But a very mature, respectful announcement from a pure gentleman..”
  • “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT. Colton and Cassie and now Pete and Kelley. 2020 has been wild. Nothing but love to the both of y’all 😭”
  • “I knew it!!! They didn’t spend Christmas together 😕.”
Peter Weber Kelley Flanagan Fans React To Split
Peter Weber | Instagram

Actually, most Bachelor fans of Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan never noticed anything untoward. Did you spot any cracks in the perfect picture of their romance? Sound off in the comments below.

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