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‘Little Couple’ Fans Beg Jen Arnold For Post COVID Vaccine Updates

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We learned Jen Arnold of The Little Couple got her first dose of the COVID vaccine today. Understandably, fans fans have mixed feelings. Some support getting the vaccine. Some don’t. And, some aren’t sure how to feel. But, they are scared of the potential side effects. Both short term and long term.

One fan asks Jen Arnold to keep them updated on how she feels

One fan of The Little Couple took to the comments to beg Jen Arnold for post vaccine updates. They wanted to know how should felt in the days to come. Would she experience flu like or COVID symptoms? Did she have anything to worry about? Many just wanted reassurances the vaccine was safe for them to get as well.

“Please keep us all updated on how you are feeling over the next couple of weeks, months etc,” the individual penned in a comment.

The comment above was liked nearly three dozen times. So, it was clear many of her followers and fans agreed. Unfortunately, Jen has yet to respond to the comment above. But, we know she is a huge advocate of the COVID vaccine. In fact, she seems to be a huge advocate of vaccines in general. So, chances are pretty good she’ll keep her fans informed.

Many praise her for being a role model.

Jen Arnold had several fans of The Little Couple that praised her for making the decision to vaccinate. These individuals knew Jen had a lot of people who looked up to her. And, she was making a decision that would have a domino reaction. Many suspected others would follow her and get the vaccine as well. Even if they decided to wait a few weeks first. To make sure there were not any adverse, immediate side effects of the vaccine.

Jen Arnold Instagram

Unfortunately, the reservations surrounding the vaccine are understandable. This is a new vaccine. Likewise, this is a virus and vaccine society doesn’t know tons about. But, medical experts are confident the vaccine will work. And, Jen Arnold is among those who are ready to take the plunge to fight off this pandemic for good.

So, do you plan on getting the vaccine now? Or, will you wait to see how it goes with the first batch of people to receive it? Likewise, what are your thoughts on Jen Arnold’s support of the vaccine? Do you hope she provides post vaccine updates? Share your responses in the comments.

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