‘The Little Couple’: Was Jen Arnold ‘Lucky’ To Get COVID Vaccine?

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We learned recently Jen Arnold of The Little Couple received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. She took to Instagram to share a photo of herself getting the vaccine. Likewise, she admitted that she felt extremely grateful for it.

Turns out, one of her followers had their own thoughts on why Jen should feel grateful. And, it was a little deeper than just supporting science and vaccines. Why did this fan of The Little Couple thing Jen Arnold should consider herself lucky? Keep reading for the details.

One Little Couple fan says Jen Arnold should consider herself lucky

Turns out, some fans thought Jen Arnold should consider herself lucky. Why? Well, because of her size. Her weight to be more specific.

“You’re so lucky you weigh more than I do so you get to get it I have to wait until they come out with toddler dosage for my weight,” one individual penned in a comment. Just over a dozen of Jen’s followers liked the comment. This suggested the individual wasn’t alone in feeling this way.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Jen also noticed the comment on her Instagram post. And, she responded to it as well. Based on her response, it doesn’t sound like it was something she gave a lot of thought to.

Jen Arnold Instagram

Jen responded: “I have not heard of this. This is generally true for medicines which work when a certain level is present in the bloodstream; therefore, the weight of a person is important but it’s not necessarily true for vaccines where response is related to your immune cells and their maturity and the outcomes of dosing in studies. I would definitely discuss with an infectious disease doctor to be sure so you can benefit from the vaccine if possible. Stay safe friend & happy holidays!!!”

Based on her response, it sounded as though weight wasn’t necessarily a factor with vaccines. She, however, encouraged her fan to speak to a specialist so they could benefit from the vaccine.

The fan appreciated the response

Now, Jen’s response was liked over 50 times. Turns out, many of her fans appreciated the extra information. The individual who originally posted the comment was also happy with the reply.

Another person who admitted to being a “little person” also appreciated the topic of conversation. They noted they’d never heard of vaccines being based on weight and size.

So, did you know vaccines were not really based on weight? Do you appreciate Jen Arnold keeping her fans informed? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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