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‘Life After Lockup’ Fans Slam Andrea As Fake Christian

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Life After Lockup fans know that a lot of cunning scheming and strategizing takes place between Andrea and Lamar. Actually, she sometimes takes things over the top. So, fans wonder about her claims that she’s super-passionate as a Christian. After the latest episode, fans question if she actually just fakes it.

Life After Lockup – Andrea and her many machinations

Remember the hostage situation with Lamar and Andrea? It all went down in 2019 and as usual, Andrea took things way over the top. We reported that Lamar looked rather shocked when she told people he loved the idea of living in Utah. Meanwhile, that’s the last thing he wanted. He thought they went on a vacation. But in fact, she planned a permanent stay there. So, hello, is that a little or a big lie for a Christian to make?

In fact, she surprised Lamar after her friends warned her that her plan was not on the level. And, hardly likely to win his affections for Utah. Anyway, eventually, she told him she took his debit card. And she took his birth certificate. So, she virtually took him hostage. He couldn’t return home to California. But she didn’t care. Some fans questioned that rather unethical behavior as a Christian. Now, they question the Life After Lockup star again.

Cussing, shouting and raging Christian Andrea?

Meaww noted that “ever since we first saw Andrea on ‘Life After Lockup’, she …always [spoke] passionately about her religious beliefs and religion.” Actually, she claims that every time she prays, God delivers the answers she desires.  And yet, she often acts a bit dodgy. In a recent episode, she took the kids swimming at a house she tried selling. Even the kids questioned that. But she didn’t care about the legality of it.

The main issue that fans noted came later. Just minutes after “praising God,” she cussed out Lamar in front of the kids. Gutter language from a Christian?  All joyous about going on a church mission to Ghana, her kid Priscilla asked if  Shantel could go along as well. If you don’t know, Shantel’s the daughter of Lamar by another woman. And, Andrea kept her secret from the kids. But, Lamar told Priscilla about her. So, the Life After Lockup star tarnished her Christian veneer again. Andrea cussed and raged at Lamar right in front of the kids.

Fans slam Andrea on social media

Over on Twitter, many WEtv fans complained about Andrea. One thing people can’t stand is when Christians bang on about being righteous. But then, they don’t act in a very Christian manner. Many people think it’s totally hypocritical. One fan nutshelled her behavior by writing, “It’s ok with Andrea to have prison closet s-x, curse, drink, control Lamar and her kids, but she DRAWS THE LINE at Priscilla knowing her big sis. The hypocrisy is deep.”

Another Life After Lockup fan wrote, “Andrea so extra she talks about her faith all the time but cursing and want to fight.” 

What do you think about Andrea on Life After Lockup? Do you agree that her actions belie her claim to be a strong Christian? Sound off in the comments below.

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