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Reality Steve Wrong! Changes Tayshia Adams ‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers

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Fans who just can’t wait to know how things play out on The Bachelorette look to Reality Steve for spoilers. This season, featuring Tayshia Adams, has been insane with very few leaks coming out because of the whole quarantine/pandemic situation. He’s been predicting the final four for awhile now and even had the final two shared along with the winner. Now, everything is changing! Reality Steve admits he was wrong!

Reality Steve says he was wrong shares new Tayshia Adams spoilers

Steve was wrong about Tayshia’s season. He went to Twitter and his blog today to share new information before tonight’s drama filled episode. First of all, Tayshia Adams does go on a 1-on-1 date with Blake Moynes. They go to a crystal guru who helps them with chakras etc. Tayshia doesn’t even keep Blake through the evening portion of the date. She sends him home before that.

After sending Blake home Tayshia goes to meet with the men. She is reportedly upset and crying. Tayshia wants to speak to Riley. She takes him outside and in the end sends him home too. So, going into the rose ceremony there are six men remaining. They are Bennett, Noah, Ben, Zac, Brendan and Ivan.

Tayshia sends  Bennett and Noah home. So, the final four getting hometown dates are Brendan, Zac, Ben and Ivan. Here is where the NEW spoilers come in.

Steve had wrong information on Tayshia’s men

Originally, Steve reported that Brendan self eliminates either at #4 or #3. He also shared that Brendan’s family didn’t show up for hometowns. This is wrong! Brendan’s parents do not come to meet Tayshia. However, his brother Dan, sister in law Christi, and niece Aliyah show up for the hometown date. Now here is where the spoilers get even more crazy.

Brendan does not eliminate himself at #4 because Tayshia Adams sends Ben Smith home following his hometown. Steve was way off on this one. Why? Because Steve reported initially that Ben Smith was one of the final two. So, the final three are Ivan, Zac and Brendan. And, Steve also says he is not sure if Brendan actually self eliminates or not.

The whole season is up in the air as of now. Steve first said Tayshia chooses Zac but they are not engaged. Now, Steve is not sure what happens. He said, “But as for the end result this season, at this point, it’s anybody’s guess. I do not know for sure what happens as of now.”

Don’t miss the last four episodes of this dramatic season of The Bachelorette. It all starts tonight on ABC.

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