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Lauren Bushnell Reveals Due Date, Chris Lane Reveals Secret Baby Hopes & More

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Just a week ago, Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane announced they are expecting their first baby together. Now, Lauren and Chris are both sharing some inside information on the baby and their secret wishes. Plus, they are getting ready for the holidays and sharing some traditions and hilarious videos.

Lauren Bushnell announces due date

Fans are excited to follow Lauren through her pregnancy. And, her Bachelor ex Ben Higgins is also happy for her and Chris. He was one of the first to congratulate the couple on their little miracle. When the announcement was first made, Lauren and Chris didn’t announce the due date. Now, they are sharing that information.

Lauren shared her due date or at least timeframe her little one is expected to arrive. She went to Instagram to ask anyone if they are due around the beginning of June. She had been feeling sick with her pregnancy and announced feeling well enough to get in a workout. While her workouts remain short, she is excited to not be a “couch potato.”

Chris Lane shares secret baby hopes

Taste of Country shared what Chris had to say about Lauren’s pregnancy. He said he and Lauren have been trying to get pregnant for most of 2020. Since the pandemic kept them home a lot, they have been able to focus on getting the job done. And, thankfully it finally worked. Both could not be happier to be expecting their first child into the world.

Chris also revealed his secret gender hopes. He said, “My parents are obviously very happy. They already have one grandbaby who’s 9 years old that my twin brother had. My mom, she’s hoping for a girl. I’m secretly hoping for a boy. I think my wife wants a girl. We’re gonna find out; we don’t have too much longer, and then we’ll know.

Fans also can’t wait to hear what their baby’s gender is!

Lauren shares traditions for the holiday season

In the meantime while they are waiting to learn their baby’s gender, Lauren is sharing some family holiday traditions. She went to Instagram to share all about making homemade Christmas gift tags. She shared her mom and sister have been doing this for years. It makes the gift all the more special.

Lauren said, “My mom, sister, and I have been making our own Christmas gift tags for years! One of my favorite traditions 🎄🎁 If you’re looking for a weekend activity this is so fun and it would check some gift wrapping off your to-do list! I got all of the supplies at a local craft store. We also like to collect small sticks and tree trimmings from the yard to use for reindeer antlers and Christmas trees. Even used some pine needles for the lil hedgehog 🥰 If you make your own gift tags, tag me so I can see!!”

Lauren is doing her best to keep busy until she and Chris can find out the baby’s gender. Stay tuned for more updates on this adorable couple.


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