Dean Unglert skis again

Dean Unglert Skis A Year After Horrific Switzerland Accident

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Dean Unglert spent last Christmas in a Swiss hospital. Just under one year ago, the Bachelor in Paradise star experienced a horrific skiing accident. This year, he slowly improved his walking skills and progressed from crutches to a stick, and finally to jumping out of airplanes again. It’s been a  long journey. But now, Dean took to the slopes for the first time since he broke his femur and dislocated his hip.

Dean Unglert skis again after his accident

We reported that last year, Dean and Caelynn Miller-Keyes planned on separate Christmas celebrations. They planned on hooking up in Italy later for New Year. But, when he landed up in the hospital, she flew over there. So, fans saw her emerge from the hospital with Dean hobbling on crutches. In fact, he got four steel pins put in his leg. But he and Caelynn were delayed in Europe until get they got permission for a long-haul flight back home.

The Bachelor in Paradise star could so easily have died. A storm came in and night fell before his rescue. Page Six reminded their readers that Dean confidently told followers on Twitter that he expected it would take him “12 weeks to recover.” Well, he got over the surgery, but it took way longer than that before Dean recovered his fitness levels. Fans saw him out and about with their rescue dog Pappy walking in the wilderness, starting on easy grade hikes. Now, he seems fully recovered. So, Dean Unglert went skiing again.

Climbing back on the horse

Urban Dictionary describes climbing back 0n the horse. They noted, “[An] attempt [of] the same challenging action after failure. Apparently derived from an old adage: “You have to get back on the horse that threw you.” This weekend, Dean shared some video clips of himself back on the slopes. His caption said that nearly a year passed since he “dislocated my hip and fractured my femur in Switzerland.” Then he noted he skied again for the “first time” since then.

According to Dean Unglert, he performed “like a wuss all day.” Notably, he found the conditions “rough.” Nevertheless, he felt great and described it as a “success.” He managed it without “re-injuring anything.” One BiP fan commented, “Fearless!!! Congrats for getting back out there!” Other ABC fans commented on their own injuries and how long it took for their own recovery.

Dean Unglert skis again
Dean Unglert | Instagram

Brave Dean Unglert

Fans agree that Dean acted bravely. After all, the fear of injury could kill the desire for skiing ever again. Other people with injuries appreciated his brave act. But now he made that very first baby step, probably this winter, people see a lot of the BiP star out on the slopes.

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