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Jason Duggar Confuses Fans About ‘Bro Elijah’

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Jason Duggar comes from a very large family And, it expands exponentially, as the young adults marry and produce their own kids. So it’s not easy to keep up with everyone in the Counting On clan. Therefore, it doesn’t help fans when members of the family throw in a complication. Jason just referred to his “Bro, Elijah.” And that left some fans wondering about the how and who of it.

Jason Duggar really confuses fans who can’t keep up with the Duggars

Some TLC fans became fanatics about Jim Bob’s family. They go on social media and rattle off names, maiden names, relationships and baby names easily. But not everyone has the time or the inclination for that. For a long time, fans became confused with an addition to the family named Tyler. Those Counting On fans who follow the show, but not with total dedication grew confused about him. So, in November last year, we explained how Tyler fits into the family.

Basically, Tyler lives with Michele and Jim Bob as they gained custody of him. Related to Michelle via her sister Rachel, he lived in non-ideal situations. She experienced some criminal and unemployment issues in about 2016. Occasionally, fans spot the additional face out and about with the other kids. But, when Jason Duggar confused fans on Monday this week, he didn’t talk about Tyler. Which made some fans scratch their heads.

Photo of Jason in Colorado

On his Instagram, Jason shared a photo of himself and another guy out in the snow. He captioned it with, “When a business trip takes you to Colorado, you have to squeeze in some snowboarding before heading back home!! Had tons of fun with my bro Elijah out on the slopes! 🏂🗻.” Well, a few people didn’t know who the other guy was. And at least one poor Counting On fan seemed totally lost.

They wrote in the comments section on the post by Jason Duggar about their frustration. The fan said, “I’m so confused! Which brother is this?” Well, Jason referred to him as his brother. But, to clear up the situation, he’s not actually a brother and he’s not a Duggar at all. Despite that, you might occasionally see him on the TLC show and in the photos shared by the various Duggar family members.

Jason Duggar with Bro Elijah
Jason Duggar | Instagram

Redditors also asked about Elijah

Recently, TLC fans discussed this person named Elijah on the R/DuggarSnark account. User r/whatwouldmarsdo, asked if anyone knew him. After all, they noticed that in 2019, he featured in a video around about Christmas with the Duggar family. And, he sat to the left of Kendra. Other Redditors replied, saying that Elijah’s full name is Elijah Kaneshiro. They also pointed out that he’s a friend of the Duggars and the Bates family.

It seems that he lives with the family, Plus, he hangs out with the young men like Jason Duggar as they are close to the same age. In fact, Jim Bob employs him. Radar Online brought more information about “Bro Elijah” in 2018.  The outlet referred to him as a sort of live-in foreman/handyman.  Their article brought details about a huge credit card debt. In September 2017,  Elijah faced a lawsuit for racking up “a debt of nearly $19,000” with “American Express.”

Apparently, Elijah who Jason Duggar called his “bro,” lives in the big house in Arkansas. Originally from Hawaii, he often goes on family excursions. And, in 2018, he started paying back the debt at just under $400 a month. If you are interested in more, you’ll find him on Instagram. One of his photos shows him with Jeremiah Duggar and he called him his “Bro Jer.”

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