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‘Shameless’ Season 11: Pandemic Forces V & Kev To Alter Their Business

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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Shameless Season 11, Episode 1.

Going into Season 11 of Shameless, fans knew things would be rough for Kevin and Veronica as owners of the Albi. How would they continue to earn a living with their bar closed down because of the pandemic? Fortunately, these two were no strangers to the hustle. And, it certainly doesn’t hurt that weed just became legal in Chicago. Suddenly, they had something new they could sell to their customers. They just had to be careful about it because they were not a licensed distributor.

Shameless Season 11: V & Kev embrace legalized marijuana (sort of)

Ah, it seems like just yesterday that Kevin and the Gallagher boys were using an ice cream truck to illegally sell marijuana. Things have changed and Kevin has dabbled back into the marijuana business. But, this time, things are a little different. It is legal for them to have marijuana now. And, if they got a distributor license, they could legally sell it too.

That being said, the lack of a license isn’t stopping them from utilizing their marijuana skills. Veronica and Kevin (along with their girls) spend the morning cooking marijuana edibles and rolling joints to sell at the bar. (Yes, the bar that is supposed to be closed). They end up using a back door and a secret knock system to let people in to enjoy booze and buy marijuana.

If someone were to show up, they quickly hide everyone and pretend the bar is closed. Crafty, right?

Shameless Showtime
Steve Howey as Kevin Ball and Shanola Hampton as Veronica Fisher in Shameless [Photo Credit: SHOWTIME]
Kev and V are ready to do whatever they have to in order to survive the pandemic. Any, fully shutting down their bar and their source of income isn’t part of their plan.

In the backroom, Kev is also still actively running his personal training style gym as well.

They don’t sell the marijuana on credit to Frank

Now, V and Kev want to make money on the marijuana. So, they have a strict no Frank policy. He can have some if he has the cash. Or, if he can trick another customer into buying him some. But, he can’t use any credit or a running tab to buy the marijuana.

Overall, it seems like Kev and V are doing what they can to survive the pandemic in Shameless Season 11.

How To Watch The ‘Shameless’ Season 11 Premiere For FREE

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this episode of Shameless Season 11 yet,  it will air tonight on Showtime. Or, you can watch it for free for a limited time on the Showtime streaming app. Check out the episode and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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