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‘Shameless’ Season 11′: John Wells Spills On Fiona Gallagher Appearance

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Whether Emmy Rossum will make an appearance as Fiona Gallagher during Season 11 of Shameless is easily one of the biggest questions fans have at this point. Emmy Rossum played a very integral role in the Showtime hit series. She was the leading lady beside William H. Macy for several seasons. The actress, however, retired the role of Fiona and decided to go on to do other things.

Now, with Season 11 being the final season for this series… Shameless fans are itching to see Fiona Gallagher one more time. After all, they want to know what happened to her. Did she find happiness? Did she find Jimmy/Steve? So many questions. 

Fiona Gallagher Shameless Season 11 Appearance

When we learned Shameless was coming to an end, John Wells was always pretty open about wanting Emmy Rossum to return. He agreed with fans that it was a necessary part of bringing the series full circle. Now, it would make sense for them to want to keep the appearance of Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher under wraps. But, that isn’t going to stop fans from asking every time John Wells turns around.

In fact, he recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to do an extensive interview on the final season of Shameless. Unsurprisingly, Fiona Gallagher came up as a topic of conversation. Would Emmy Rossum come back? Even just to make a brief appearance to say goodbye? After all, Fiona was also written out of the U.K. version of this series. But, they did bring her back for the grand finale of the series. Would the U.S. version do the same thing? Fans certainly hoped so.

John Wells explains they are not trying to be sneaky or clever with this

The showrunner tells Entertainment Weekly he wants nothing more than to have Emmy Rossum come back to be Fiona Gallagher once last time. Likewise, Emmy Rossum is very open to the idea of coming back. After all, this role was a break out role for her career. It would make sense for her to want to say goodbye to the character for good.

John Wells Wants Emmy Rossum In The ‘Shameless’ Series Finale

Unfortunately, schedules might be an issue. John Wells explains Emmy Rossum is currently working on another show for Peacock. And, she can’t be in two different places at once. So, the timing of the shooting and where Emmy is at the time will decide whether they can work her into the show. But, he definitely wants to try. And, she’s open to the possibility too. So, here’s hoping they can work something out.

Whether or not that will be possible given what our shooting schedule is and what her shooting schedule is and where she’s going to be in the country, I have no idea. Again, not trying to be clever about it or anything. It will be based on circumstances when we’re ready to shoot, whether or not she’d be able to. But would love her to, I think she would like to, not sure it will be possible.”

Unfortunately, that’s really just a solid “maybe” at this point. But, they did manage to bring Noel Fisher back just to say goodbye to Cameron Monaghan’s character properly when the actor temporarily exited the show. So, anything is possible.

Would you like to see Emmy Rossum come back as Fiona Gallagher? Even just temporarily? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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