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‘Life After Lockup’: Sarah Simmons Questions Michael’s Parenting Choices

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Life After Lockup star Sarah Simmons decided to speak out about Michael’s parenting choices. She’s slamming the ex-con for not being around and not being a good father.

Sarah Simmons talked to Screen Rant about Michael

Sarah and Michael had a rocky marriage and it seems like Michael wants to forget his ex and kids too. Fans have watched the pair’s relationship play out on TV through Love After Lockup. After Micheals’s release from prison, Sarah learned that he was not the same man she fell in love with after having more than one relationship on the side.

Fans watched the love triangle

Michael and Sarah already had one daughter together, Aviahna, before Michael went to jail. Once Michael was released the two wasted little time in hooking up and conceived their second daughter, Giahna. Unfortunately, Michael couldn’t stay faithful to his wife. He continued to pursue other women, and Sarah decided to let the relationship go after giving him many chances.

One on the East Coast and the other on the West Coast

It seems that Michael moved as far as possible from his ex and his two daughters. He moved to Miami and Sarah stayed in New York, and though the distance makes it hard for Michael to see his girls, it doesn’t seem that he even tries. After all this time, Sarah has decided to speak up about her ex’s poor choices.

Sarah speaks out about Michael

In the new season of Love After Lock Up, fans watch Sarah finally get into a healthy relationship with a man named Malcolm. Of course, Michael finally, goes to New York to visit his girls, and the tension is very evident, because of Sarah’s new boyfriend. Michael seems to feel a bit intimidated by the new boyfriend and seems to know he won’t be able to take advantage of his ex like he’s done many times before.

Michael would rather meet a different woman than be a father to his two kids

In an interview, Sarah opened up about her ex seeing his girls, “Obviously from everything that people have seen. It is very inconsistent. She goes on to say, “It is far few and between, and it’s not at all something that I feel like my kids can understand.”

She continues by stating, “On one hand, you have Mom who’s here day in and day out, who does everything for you; who is there for you no matter what. And then you have a dad who comes and goes and doesn’t always call. So, that’s extremely difficult, I’m sure, for the kids. Especially my oldest, Aviahna.” She shared this information with Screen Rant.

Sarah is always there for her girls

She ended the interview by speaking about her role as a mother. She says, “All I know is that I have to believe I’m enough. I have to believe that being able to allow her to express herself and ask questions and give appropriate time to talk to her about it is the best thing I can do.

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