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Do These Two Duggar Granddaughters Have The Same Nickname?

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In a recent post from Jeremy Vuolo, he reveals that he and Jinger Duggar call their daughter Evy. Her full name is Evangeline Jo. Duggar fans may recall that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have a new baby named Evelyn. Her nickname is Evy. So, do these two granddaughters have the same nickname?

On Thursday, Jeremy took to social media to share a photo of his wife, praising her for being his “hero.” At the end of the post, he adds, “This woman is my hero, and (though they don’t realize it yet) Felicity’s and Evy Jo’s hero as well.

Prior to this post, fans had not heard Evangeline’s nickname yet. But, fans had wondered what they would call their daughter for short, especially because Evangeline is a longer name. Jinger and Jeremy’s daughter Felicity goes by Lissy.

One fan commented on Jeremy’s post, “Why don’t you spell her nickname, Evie, to differentiate it from cousin Evy?” But, it seems like both babies are going to have the same nickname spelled the same way.

The Vuolos and Forsyths live in different states

It’s possible that the two families discussed this and decided it was okay. As of right now, Jinger and Jeremy live in Los Angeles, California. The rest of the family lives in Arkansas. So, the two Evys won’t necessarily be spending a lot of time together unless one of the families moves. They will likely see each other at holidays though. If they were seeing each other more often, it might be confusing to have two kids by the same nickname.

If it becomes an issue when the family is talking about either Evy, they could use the baby’s longer name for differentiation.

Once the two little girls get older, it’s possible that they will go by Evangeline and Evelyn instead. So, this might only be an issue for a few years.

Duggar fans point out name similarities

Not only do babies Evangeline and Evelyn have similar names, but another Duggar baby does too. When Evangeline’s name was revealed, fans pointed out that her name is very similar to Ivy Seewald’s. Ivy is the daughter of Ben and Jessa Seewald.

So, if Evangeline and Evelyn both go by Evy, and their cousin is Ivy, there could be some confusion. But, since they don’t live near each other, maybe it won’t be a problem. It’s possible that Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna have been in communication about the name similarities to ensure nobody gets upset too.

So, do you think the babies’ nicknames being the same is okay? Or do you think different names and nicknames should be chosen? Share your thoughts below.

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