Negan and his wife Lucille on The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer Gives Fans First Look At Hilarie Burton’s Lucille

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Fans of The Walking Dead are aware that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) named his deadly baseball bat after his late wife, Lucille. Now, a teaser trailer for the ongoing show reveals Hilarie Burton in the role of Lucille. What makes the clip really interesting is that the One Tree Hill actress is married to Morgan in real life.

The Walking Dead’s Negan and Lucille

Hilarie Burton’s character, Lucille, will appear in bonus “bridge” episodes between Seasons 10 and 11 of The Walking Dead. You have to keep your eyes peeled during the trailer, as there is just a flash of Lucille. However, she is sure to play an interesting role in the bonus installments. This is something new for AMC, as the zombie horror hasn’t previously explored its character’s backstories.

However, fans were aware that Negan’s wife Lucille had died of pancreatic cancer before turning into a walker soon after the outbreak. Tragically, during Season 8, Negan had told Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) that his biggest regret was not killing her before she turned. Readers can catch the teaser trailer here.

Hilarie Burton about her role on TWD

Burton shared an image to her Instagram account soon after her casting in The Walking Dead was announced. She captioned the image of her husband’s set chair to say how much of a joy sharing scenes with her husband has been. She explained that Negan had “permeated” their lives together since joining the show in Season 6.

Jeffrrey Dean Morgan's chair on the set of The Walking Dead
Jeffrrey Dean Morgan’s chair on the set of The Walking Dead [Image @hilarieburton/Instagram]
Hilarie went on to explain that their son wears t-shirts emblazoned with Negan’s face to school. Their daughter plays with his Negan action figures. Burton also explained that when she was about to give birth to George, the TWD fanbase was very supportive. Their support was especially evident when Jeffrey had to cancel convention appearances to be with her. Burton said they knitted their children hats and sent baby Lucille baseball bats. She added that the flood of generosity and thoughtfulness never ceases to catch them off guard.

Burton went on to say that as The Walking Dead universe grows and expands, she knows it means a lot to many people out there. She said that includes her, too. She described sitting in her chair going over lines and looking over at her husband’s chair.

Hilarie described it as a “tiny moment. Big big feelings.” Of all the crazy and heartbreaking things that have happened this year, she wants to focus on this. Burton also went on to thank the showrunners for believing in her, adding how proud she is of Jeffrey Dean.

Negan on The Walking Dead
Negan on The Walking Dead [Image @amcthewalkingdead/Instagram]

New addition to the TWD cast

The trailer also features sneak peeks of Carol (Melissa McBride), Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Maggie and Glen’s son, Hershel. A new addition is Robert Patrick’s mystery character, Mays. As noted by Digital Spy, there is also a close up of a Commonwealth soldier and Maggie’s new friend, Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari).

Negan's wife Lucille on The Walking Dead
Negan’s wife Lucille on The Walking Dead [Image @amcthewalkingdead/Instagram]
As to when fans get to see the full scenes, The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 28, 2021.

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