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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Staff Uses Meredith Grey To Tell The Story Of Frontline Healthcare Workers

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Meredith Grey has been through a lot over the past 15 seasons. From almost drowning to walking away from a plane crash practically unharmed, she’s been through it all. So it didn’t come as a surprise to many fans when their favorite surgeon came down with COVID-19 right at the beginning of Season 17.

“Last week we felt Meredith Grey’s pain as a doctor treating an early surge of COVID patients. This week we begin to experience what it is for her to be a COVID patient herself,” showrunner Krista Vernoff told The Hollywood Reporter.

She went on to comment on how so many healthcare professionals contracted the virus simply by caring for patients. She and the rest of the Grey’s Anatomy team hoped to bring those stories to life through Meredith Grey.

“Doctors and nurses are fighting for us and falling for us. The least we can do is wear a mask, socially distance and stay home whenever possible. Meredith has a real fight ahead of her. And … she has that beach. Darkness and light. It’s a powerful season. Stay tuned,” Vernoff continued.

Could This Be The End Of Meredith Grey?

When Meredith drifts into unconsciousness, she finds herself on a beach with her late husband. Derek Shepherd who died in the Season 11 finale, so fans were incredibly shocked to see him again. But actress Ellen Pompeo admitted that he won’t be the only character to return. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ killed off a lot of main characters throughout the years, so it really could be anybody.

Some fans speculate that Meredith will end up succumbing to the illness and will be reunited with Derek in the end. After all, Ellen Pompeo’s contract is up this year and she isn’t sure if she wants to renew it or not. Of course, Grey’s fans don’t really want that to happen. But we’ve all been disappointed by the show in the past.

And after Derek’s death, we really learned that no one is safe from getting killed off.

Grey’s Almost Didn’t Cover The Pandemic At All

Krista Vernoff said in previous interviews that the show almost chose to ignore the pandemic all together. She felt really burnt out and wasn’t sure she wanted to talk about COVID-19 in Season 17. However, the rest of the production team helped change her mind and they all decided it would be kind of irresponsible not to cover it.

Where do you think this storyline will go? Who do you hope to see come back for this season? Let us know in the comments. We’re curious to see what you think. Grey’s Anatomy is taking a break for Thanksgiving this week, but you can catch up with all your favorite surgeons next week. Stay tuned for more!

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