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Did Nickelodeon’s Drake Bell Really Change His Name?


Drake Bell is a name and face those who grew up watching Nickelodeon in the 90’s knew really well. He had a role in The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh. After leaving Nickelodeon, he has had a pretty successful career as a musician. Drake Bell’s name has come up several times this year in media headlines. We’ve learned a lot about his personal life. One bizarre topic that has been trending recently is his name. Across multiple social media outlets including TikTok, many are claiming Drake Bell recently changed his name. The question is… Did he?

Drake Bell did change his social media displays, did he change his name?

Drake Bell changed all of his social media display names to say Drake Campana. Naturally, this has his Nickelodeon fans from the 90’s wondering. Why did he change his display name? Did he legally change his name? Was there a reason for this name change?

Fortunately, we were curious too. So, we did a little digging.

According to Distractify, Drake Bell’s following is NOT limited to the United States. He also has a pretty big Latin America following. Apparently, it was after his his performance in Mexican Telehit in 2019 that he started to change his identity. While this is something outlets and social media users are currently buzzing about. It isn’t exactly that new.

Drake Bell started to push his name change and confirm it on people last year. This included posting a photo of his identification card last year. The card confirmed his new name. Drake Campana. So, unless the identification card itself was fake… Drake Bell must’ve legally changed his name to Drake Campana.

He also posts in Spanish, claims being CEO of Taco Bell

Now, here’s where things might get a little weird for some of you still reading.

For all intensive purposes, Drake now refers to himself as Drake Campana across all social media platforms. He also has identification to confirm he legally changed his name. The musician also likes to post in Spanish on social media. He even claims he’s the CEO of Taco Bell.

Roughly a year ago, Drake told his followers he would only be posting in Spanish on Twitter. He would not be speaking English anymore.

So, did he legally change his name?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a question that is easy to answer. It, however, is worth mentioning Campana means Bell in Spanish. So, the name change certainly makes sense. Some, however, argue there is a darker reason. Some think Drake changed his name, moved, and started making exclusively Spanish music after his followers learned he abused his girlfriend.

So, do you think Drake Bell legally changed his name? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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