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’90 Day Fiance’ Star Paul Staehle Blames TLC Fans For Getting Them Fired

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90 Day Fiance fans wondered if Paul Staehle and Karine might return to the TLC franchise. Recall, they split and it went viral about how allegedly, Karine accused him of abuse and even of forcing himself on her. Now, the news emerges that fans probably won’t see them film again. Paul suggests that they lost their jobs with TLC. And, he blamed fans for involving themselves in their big split.

90 Day Fiance star Paul says they won’t film again as TLC fired them

We reported that many fans wondered if TLC would put up with all their over-the-top drama. After all, some of the allegations against Paul seemed very harsh. If he abused her like that, then surely, the network wouldn’t condone that sort of behavior. While the network likes drama, even they might recoil from starring them again if, in fact, he assaulted and abused her.

Recall that during the height of the drama, TLC apparently moved on from them. They ended up uninvited from the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell-All. And, Shaun Robinson said the network gives them some space while they deal with their issues. Now, it looks like they actually lost their jobs over Karine’s allegations. But, on his Instagram, Paul blamed fans that got involved in the drama.

Paul accuses a fan for their firing

On Friday, November 13, Paul shared a long writeup on his Instagram Stories. He explained that they returned to Brazil and can’t go back to the USA. That’s because Karine’s green card “got stolen.” So, they wait until the USA embassy reopens to apply for a duplicate again. If you can’t keep up, after the big bust-up, The Blast reminds fans they got back together again.

Now in Brazil and happy together again, Paul said, “Karine inherited a farm in Tonantins we will hopefully be able to start growing something and make it a working farm.” So, hopefully, it works as an income source. Losing an income from 90 Day Fiance certainly will bite their budget a bit. And according to Paul, it’s all the fault of fans who got involved in their domestic issues.

90 Day Fiance Paul Staehle TLC fired them blames fan
Image credit Paul Staehle | Instagram Stories

How did the fan hurt Paul and Karine with TLC?

In one part of his long Story, Paul said how fans assisted in their firing: “Because of the overwhelming negative impact of fans taking it upon themselves to pick Karine up and then make very serious false allegations in her name acting as her translator and keeping her in their home until another Brazilian she knew from a church group rescued her and got her to our house.”

Well, the well-meaning 90 Day Fiance fan probably tried to help. But yes, translation could be a problem if they don’t speak the language. But ultimately, they should never have gone public on such a private affair anyway, some fans think.

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